Blog Space

Wow how exciting … A real blog space for msn.
I started doin a blog at the
Reanimated Residue Group … but this space is much better – tailored for the purpose, I can bore you even better now wif all the exciting things I do wif my life, and hav a groovy nebula background to boot!  It’ll b interesting to see how this thing worx … I understand anyone can view the space, and ppl can add comments also – so feel free if u feel so inclined.
I also occasionally fill out a journal entry at
my Deviant Art gallery page, so if ur eva interested in knowing THAT much about me you can always visit there and catch up on my art doings.  Deviant Art is the best place to see new artworks I have submitted to the web.  Im goin to update my Reanimated Residue portfolio to just show selected best-of-the-best pieces, while I’ll hav ALL my artwork on display at Deviant Art.
Talkin of art, I’ve got a magazine cover that I gotta hav finished by this time next month, so I really should get onto that.  I’ve dun a few layout ideas, but I really gotta get crackin and finish sumthin for it.  Its a challenge, but I’m up for it.
I havent bin too well lately, so I’ve bin havin a bit of trouble gettin anything dun really – the house is a mess and noones got any clean clothes to wear … Ive got the last module of my certificate 4 workplace trainer and assessor course to complete … and now I also gotta try and undertake sum sorta legal action against the storage shed where I was keeping all my stuff.  Things truly hav piled up ova the last two months, and my procrastination is not helping any.
I should stop blabbling and get to it … well get to doin sumthin else anyway ….

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