Groovy Art Tools

God I lead such a boring life … oh well … I enjoy it anyway  
Last week my new
Wacom Graphire 3 Digital Photography Toolkit arrived … twill b the saviour of my new artistic creations.  For those of u who hav no idea wot Im on about – the Wacom Graphire 3 is a graphic tablet which allows me to draw directly to the computer.  It is soooo cool … dunno how I did wifout it in the past … well yes I do – I used to draw everything on paper and then scan it into the computer later – but this thing is incredible.  Im lovin it … Its replaced all my pens, textas, pencils, paintbrushes & paints, even my eraser!  Its changed the functionality of all my graphics programs in a snap – opening up the features so that they are actually useful.  I think it would allow just about anyone to produce feasible artworx – so hopefully my ability to draw previously will be truly complimented by this brill piece of technology.
Ive dun not much else this week … just surfin the net, lookin after my kids, housework, normal boring daily shit.  So yeh, not much exciting to report.

If you read my last blog post you may b interested in an update on Schapelle Corby … Well it looks like shes not gonna get the death penalty, which is good news, but it seems likely she will spend the rest of her life in an Indo prison – pretty shit.  So theres still work to be dun … see my blog post Fair Justice for Schapelle Corby if u are interested in ways to support her, such as writing to the Australian Government to demand her return to Australia under the prisoner exchange program, or letting the Indo consulate know that a boycott of Indonesia is due to their extreme penalty imposed on Schapelle and the almost non-existant two year penalty for the Bali bomber – most inconsistant.
Who wants to go to Indonesia these days anyway, wot wif the Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Erupting Volcanos, Crazy Militant Bombers, and Inequitable system of ‘Justice’ – Hardly sounds like a lush tropical paradise tourist destination to me.

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