April 10th to 21st – Movie Reviews

I often review movies on DA, that I have watched during the week while procrastinating from what I really should be doing at the time.  This post is a "Catch-Up" of the movies I hav reviewed thus far, with more to be added to this blog category in the future.  As MSN Spaces seems to only allow a certain amount of characters in a blog post, I have had to split this "Catch-Up" post in two parts – April 10th to 21st, and April 25th to May 2nd.

MOVIE REVIEWS – April 21st

I’ve had Freaky Friday for a while but only just managed to get around to watching it this week. This remake is not quite as beleivable as the Jody Foster original – alittle light and predictable, but still quite funny.

I love sci-fi, and The Returner was of unexpected high quality – some of the effects are really stunning. This Japanese made film is accurately dubbed but unfortunately does not do justice to the performance ability of the actors. This givs the movie a bit of a B-Grade feel – which is always fun. The main actors are also rather hunky, which is always nice.

My  favourite this week has to be The Village. Here I was expecting sum grusome horror movie, to be pleasantly surprised by an unusual Quaker-type society with sum serious social issues. I think its fabulous the way it has the ability to make you feel just as scared as the misled children about … well … nothing.

MOVIE REVIEWS – April 10th

So I’ll start with … Open Water – which, though the movie making skills of the production team were less than desirable, still managed to get the message across. Think I’d rather go skiing … but then theres always those avalanches. I think I’ll just stay home.

I also saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which is quite slick, but isnt as good as Van Helsing. However, the dude who played the Immortal is much easier on the eye than Hugh Jackman. mmmm tasty.

Ummm … 28 Days Later … Yeh this one rocked … kinda like a zombie movie with drama and an actual plot. I’m a bit of a fan of post-apocalyptic movies, so this one gets the  from me this week.

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