April 25th to May 2nd – Movie Reviews

The second half of my Movie Reviews "Catch-Up" from my DA journal.


I really needed a laugh this week so when my hubby bought home Envy from the Vid shop, I was pretty eager to watch it. I quite like Christopher Walken, and this is an unusual role for him – u like him, u hate him, then u like him again. Theres sum great one liners and tangled situations, which eventually end up in a scene which unexpectedly makes you say awwwwe.  Funny stuff … worth a watch.

So my hubby also bought home a heap of Horror movies, which Im neva too keen on, but still torture myself by watchin em. Gothika was no different. Not so much ur typical horror movie wif blood and guts everywhere, but it certainly had me scared and jumpy. I was impressed by the original story line, and how the supernatural was realistically introduced. I spent the entire movie questioning everyones motives. Twas a fab murder mystery wif a horror twist.

Another horror The Locals was suprisingly good. If you ever get to see any New Zealand horror movies, youll quickly discover they are usually quite B grade, hillarious, and full of second class horror makeup effects. In comparison to wot I normally expect, this movie was great. A fairly original plot idea, you are left in suspense til the very end. I vow to neva travel during the night again.

Four movies this time … & u know I luv my Sci-fi … so its no surprise that PayCheck is my  fav flick this week. Wow! Wouldnt u guess it – in the future they will wipe our memories so they can steal our neat ideas? Not only that, but we will foolishly agree to this hapening, and we wont think anyone would possibly try to take advantage of that technology!! "No never!" I hear you scream …. Well, what do u see in your crystal ball?

MOVIE REVIEWS – April 25th

Ok so I’ll do Sixteen Candles first. Its an old coming of age flick, which I saw as a teenager and watched again this week cause it was on TV.   I always liked those ‘brat pak’ movies tho … and this ones got sum pretty funny skits in it too.

CatWoman was a top flick … I had to get Mr Puddy Cat and cuddle up wif him to watch this one. I loved it … makes me wanna be a Cat Woman too lol … I wasnt as convinced by the SFX tho … not quite as realistic as say, Spiderman … sumtimes she did things a  just would not be able to do. Still, overall it was a good flick wif a good plot, twas nice to see how Cat Woman came to be born.

U gotta love Jackie Chan – he is so quick, both with his fighting skills, and his wit. So Around The World In 80 Days was just excellent! It had a bit of everything, which I suppose is to be expected when encountering so many different cultures around the world. I love playing spot the celebrity in cameo role, and this one had plenty of em. I was so tired when I started watching this flick at 2am, but there was no way I coulda possibly fallen asleep. It was both captivating and hilarious. The CG effects were really clever too. This is my  choice for this week.

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