May 7th – Movie Reviews

50 First Dates reminded me of Groundhog Day.  I liked this.  It was light & predictable, but sumtimes u dun wanna think too much, u just wanna be entertained.  Its surprising to find out the condition Drew’s character is inflicted wif, actually exists.  A pleasant romance flick with a twist.

Apparently a comedy, I was pretty bored by Without A Paddle.  I barely managed a mild giggle at this movie.  Sum mediocre acting … a bit of slap-stik … a few one liners … all predictable & seen so many times before.  A real disappointment.

Finally I LMAO at Meet The Fockers.  Robert De Niro’s character reminded me of my Dad.  So righteous & intimidating … until he meets the Focker parents.  Wouldnt it be lovely to be so rich that people think your just eccentric?  Glad there was at least one movie I watched this week which deserved a  twas focking funny.

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