Schapelle Corby Update

There are many websites dedicated to the cause of supporting Schapelle Corby, a young Australian woman facing harsh penalties in Indonesia for her alleged involvement in an international drug-smuggling operation.  There have been claims that these websites have recently come under attack by hackers who have been traced to Indonesia and Singapore, and also, that some of the site administrators have been personally threatened.  In the light of much propaganda surrounding this case, who knows how much of this is true.
Many of these websites have the approval of Corby’s family, but are not official.  This has made it challenging for people such as myself, to refer advocators to further support resources, as it is difficult to verify which sites have genuine ties to the family and fund-raising.
To limit any possibilities of fraudulant fundraising activities and to give the case an official web presence with which to co-ordinate its activities, the Gold Coast financier of Schapelle’s case, Ron Bakir, launched on May 6th 2005.  It contains information about Schapelle, latest news, and a fact-file.  A forum will also be available on the site soon.  Unfortunately, the official site presently offers no further support mechanisms, which will hopefully appear in the near future.
Most people really want to know what they can do to help … mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald, the site
Dont Shoot Schapelle seems to be affiliated with Corby family members, and has multiple support options to choose from.
In my last blog entry discussing this case,
Fair Justice For Schapelle Corby, I discussed various ways in which to help Schapelle.  Some of these are still valid avenues to explore, such as writing to The Australian Consulate-General In Bali or Alexander Downer using this form letter at Amnesty International.  The Yellow Ribbon has also become a symbol of her plight, with the family decorating the court room before Schapelle made her statement to the judges on 28th April 2005.  They request that supporters tie a yellow ribbon to their letterbox, tree, fence, mobile phone, etc. as a peaceful demonstration.
Unfortunately the avenue of online petitions has been explored and found to be of little use, as hard-copy petitions are required to be presented in court.  That is not to say that they have no effect – the informal threat of boycott has been heard loadly in Indonesia.  Please visit
Dont Shoot Schapelle for more information regarding both an online and printable petition for presentation in the courts.
It is also important to note that the individuals responsible for this injustice brought upon Schapelle, are still at large.  Recent revelations about baggage handling procedures and lax security at Australian Airports have become very prominent in proving her innocence.  Victorian prisoner, John Patrick Ford, gave evidence in Schapelle’s trial, regarding a drug smuggling operation involving baggage handlers between Brisbane and Sydney.  On his bail, he was to receive a phone call from an individual, code-named "Pinnochio", who was to supply him with more information about those responsible.  He did not make bail, and consequently, did not receive the phone call.  It is alleged the nine Australians caught attempting to smuggle heroin out of Indonesia in April 2005, were given phones programmed with a phone number to reach a "Pinnochio" on their return to Australia.  Again, it is difficult to decipher reality from propaganda in both these instances, however it would be foolish to allow the connection to pass without thorough investigation by the AFP.
Dont Shoot Schapelle website has a link where you can give information about identities or activities of drug smuggling on domestic Australian flights.  Remember, the people responsible for this injustice do not care who takes the blame for their criminal activities.  They will not stand up to help Schapelle.  Someone must know what is going on, and is able to blow the whistle on the true perpetrators of this crime.

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