Sick of being sick

Oh I am so damn sick of being sick.  It would be nice to just have a couple of months go by where Im not totally drained by sum new affliction.  And my poor family … having to sit around listening to me hollar in pain for about two hours the other night, must send em slightly batty.  Feeling a bit betta now tho, so I jumped straight bak onto the net, lol, to catch up wif all my buddies.   Hopefully I’ll be well for Mother’s Day tomorrow, my daughters have made me a Powerpoint presentation for the special occasion, which should be fun.
This week the kids trampoline should arrive, and my hubby’s new computer … so we all pretty excited about that.  Means the kids can stop hassling to use the comp, cause theyll finally hav their own.
Well, Im happy to hav finally started on the cover for
MotherVerse magazine.  Im not really sure its wot they are after tho, but at least Ill hav sumthing to hand them when May 15th rolls around.  I was hoping to get a couple of different ones finished so there would be a choice, but the way Im feelin rite now, I dont see that happening too quikly.
Ive also gotta hav my course finished by June 30th … which is kinda good theres a deadline now, cause least then I will actually get up and complete it!!  I really cant wait to finish both these projects actually, I really wanna get into sum of my more creative personal projects – I think its time I had sum ME time.  Talkin of ME time … Im off for a shower and sum sleep. Gnite all.

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