Feeling Betta

Finally feeling much betta today for the first time in over a week, so I did a heap of housework and then had pizza for dinner while I watched Big Brother.  Ive always bin a bit of a big bro fan … lotta fun.  As it only started on Sunday, I havnt really got a fav yet … or a prediction on the winner …. but I know I already dun like that "try-sexual" one.  I think her name is Geneva … but theres so many G’s in there Im not sure, so I’ll post that when Im certain.  Anyway, I dun like her cause shes so ‘trendy’ that she cant stop goin on about liking both girls and guys … is she tryna convince us or herself?
Oh yeh, and I dun like one of the fellas too, but I dunno his name yet either … he was big noting himself bout havin to drive to work at 3am, and then havin to do uni til 10pm, and how angry he was about "bludgers" who would sleep in til 9am.  Shows u how outta touch he is wif "bludgers" … I always thought they slept til at least 1pm …. hehehe.  Anyway my question straight away was "Well why do it then?"  and he answered me! "I do it cause I wanna better myself and hav better opportunities in life" …. Well there ya go then!!! He’s doin it for himself … so the bloody "bludgers" dun got anything to do wif his life choices, so wots he complaining about?  I just think its real sad when sumone needs to worry about wot sumone else is doin wif their life, or isnt doing, just cause they arent happy perhaps, with the choices theyve made in their life.
Anyway, got sum rechargable batteries for the digi cam today.  Thats a good thing, cause Im not confident with the pic I decided to draw for MotherVerse magazine.  I mean the drawing turned out fab, but I dont think its quite wot theyre after.  After looking over a few unfinished sketches I had dun of my kids, I came across one with appealing composition and I think it has sum promise.  Tomorrow I will reshoot the photo to the exact specs Im after, and then I’ll hav a go at that.  When I finish I will post it, and the other pieces I did for this project, at
Today our flashy new comp case arrived, Its an Omni wif transparent side and top, 500watt power supply (!), and complete wif groovy red, blue, green, and purple leds on the fans – A cheap $100.  When the rest of the comp arrives and gets assembled, itll b a meaty machine.  Ill post a pic and the specs of the finished beast when its dun.
We are expecting the kids trampoline to arrive tomorrow … theyre pretty excited.  Should be a lot of fun – I’ll post a pic.  I just had visions of Mr Puddy Cat being bounced up and down on it by the kids …. hmmmm … I’ll post a pic of that too
Anyway, Big Brother Uplate has started, and Im eager to see the "Logan" twins swap roles again … wot a groovy idea. Big Bro is such a sneaky bastard, and these boys seem to b doin a good job of melding their differences so as to appear as one bloke.  Its early days yet, but should be sum interesting tele to watch.
 Gnite All

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