Just a quik note

The kids super bouncer trampoline arrived on Friday, which was good timing for the weekend.  They’ve bin well & truly occupied by it, which has bin a welcome break from trying to keep them entertained.  An example of how active they can b is evident in last night.  Little Man (3 & 3/4 years) woke up about midnight, watched a movie, then spent the rest of the night playing Nintendo.  Then when his sisters woke up around 7am, they all went out & jumped on the tramp for the rest of the day.  He’s only just fallen asleep about 30mins ago.
Other bits of our comp arrived last week also – motherboard, graphics card, cpu, monitor – & has bin fully assembled. Still waiting on black keyboard & mouse which should arrive on Monday.  I played Command & Conquer Generals on it & won my first eva game.
We’re about to get into a couple of movies for the night, so I’ll post a photo & details about the comp specs in a couple of days when the keyboard & mouse arrive & its lookin all spiffy.
Tomorrow I gotta finish one of the drawings I am going to be submitting to
MotherVerse magazine on Monday for the cover.
okay, its movie time, so gnite   all.

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