Movie Reviews

OMG I wont be laying claim to renting these next two atrocities … it was all my hubby’s fault. 1st up Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. From wot I understand, this film has not bin too popular with the movie viewing audience … gee I got no idea why that would be

Grab me one of those in-flight sick bags from the seat in front, I think Im gonna if I ever have to watch Soul Plane again. I hav to admit sum bits made me snort slightly, but truthfully this one crashed & burned in my eyes. Gotta say, I wouldnt wanna try & get anything past those two ladies at the airport security gates. There should be sum jobs available at Qantas soon, mayb they could fill out an application.

So I’m left with 21 Grams as my movie for this week. This was truly realistic, depressing, & compelling. Twist of fates & twist of plot, it all gels together in the end. It was quite slow moving & I thought I was gonna get lost part way thru, but I was quickly intrigued & anxious to know how it was all gonna tie together. I felt empathy for the plight of each charcter, & was completely satisfied by the conclusion.

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