This is gonna be a lengthy blog entry … I got many issues & conspiracies I wish to discuss today, so I apologise from the outset for my verbosity.
I’ll start with Schapelle Corby who I have discussed in a couple of previous journal entries,
Fair Justice for Schapelle Corby, & Schapelle Corby Update.  Ive also discussed this topic on the Deviant Art Forums, Free Schapelle Corby, as well as in my DA journal, … And Justice For All.
There have been a number of huge drug busts recently, both in Australia & other countries, with many fellow country men arrested. Only yesterday a total of 125kg of heroin was seized, and 5 people arrested, after successful investigation of an international drug smuggling operation between Hong Kong and Australia. A huge haul that the Australian Federal Police can be proud to say they removed from our streets.
About two weeks ago, 13 ppl were arrested, including a police officer & an ex-director of the Macquarie Bank, for allegedly importing 10kg of cocaine into Australia thru Sydney’s international airport on October 8th last year. This was the same date Corby flew out of Australia to Bali with 4.1kg of marijuana in her body-board bag. The AFP tell us that Qantas baggage handlers have been under surveillance for many months as part of Operation Mocha – an elaborate investigation set up to crack the drug smuggling syndicate involved in transporting drugs thru customs. To this date no baggage handlers hav bin arrested, tho the AFP tell us that they hav narrowed their suspect list to 10 baggage handlers. Two of the alleged syndicate leaders are also still at large, including former 1st grade Balmain rugby league player Leslie Mara. Meanwhile AFP commissioner, Mick Keelty, is trying to convince us that the claims by Corby’s defense team of corrupt baggage handlers at Sydney airport is ‘flimsy’ & the two cases are completely unrelated. Im not sure how he can come to this conclusion, as the director of Qantas refuses to rule out any links. Keelty’s timing is impecible as the judges are set to make a decision on Corby’s case on May 27th. This is a man who has previously told us, "It does Corby’s case no good to talk about it openly in the media."
About a month ago, nine ppl were arrested in Indonesia attempting to smuggle 8kg of heroin out of the country, with the intention of meeting with a Mr Big, code named "Pinochio", to hand over the goods once they arrived in Sydney. "Pinochio" was also mentioned in Corby’s case by Victorian prisoner, John patrick Ford, as the true owner of the marijuana in Corby’s bag. He claimed that she had unwittingly been used as a ‘mule’ in a bungled domestic movement of the drugs, resulting in Corby’s Bali arrest with the contraband.
In all of these recent cases, informants hav surfaced. The accused hav admitted to their involvement couriering drugs thru customs on several occasions. They hav supplied information to authorities about drug cartels, figureheads, & the participation of baggage handlers. Thru all of this Schapelle has continued to protest her innocence. Not once has she been able to supply information on drug smuggling networks or the people involved. Not even to save her own life, has she been able to offer a single name in her defence. If she is guilty, she’s one tough cookie. The conditions in which she is jailed are appaling, with rats, little food, & no privacy. Bigger men than her hav broken to the pressure of interogation & threats by the justice system. The AFP admit there is no intelligence to suggest Corby has ever had any dealings with drugs or associations with drug criminals.
So why now, so close to the conclusion of her trial, has Mr Keelty chosen to speak up in such a damaging manner? Does he hav sumthin to hide? Wot does he know? Why is Corby suddenly being sacrificed to the Indonesian justice system by the AFP? Exactly wot has her case uncovered or jeopardised? I wont be fooled by his ‘flimsy’ attempt to make her look guilty. It seems only a foolish man, with sumthing to hide, would try to establish that these several coincidences are unrelated
Finally, I would like to discuss Vivian Alvarez, Wrongly deported by the Australian immigration department, to spend the rest of her life in a Philippine’s hospice while her children were placed in foster care. For want of of a betta description of my opinion in this matter, I am compelled to exclaim, "Wot a fuck-up!" Apparently all this started four years ago in the Northern NSW town of Lismore. Surprisingly, she is not at all angry about this system bungle, quoted as saying "It was a mistake" & "To err is human".
After leaving my parents home, I spent 10 years of my life in Lismore, moving away from the area only 4 years ago also. It may hav bin a "mistake", but I feel the systems in Lismore are well set up for these "mistakes" to occur on a regular basis. Not one machine questions, or operates, in conjunction with another. The area is a complete shambles, with social problems comparable to cities ten times its size … 75% of the population is said to be mentally ill, drugs are rampent, there are destitute & homeless, & racial discord is common. And the system? They are all out for themselves & the money they can obtain from fedreal and state funding. None are really there to help the people … they want to put your name on the books so they can justify their jobs by saying they assisted X amount of people & can get even more funding next time. Meanwhile the problems just get worse.
It is believed Alvarez was recovering from a car accident, or a severe beating, when she was discovered lying in the street & deported in 2001. She remembers very little about what happened to her before being deported. When taken to Lismore Base Hospital, she told them she had to pick up her son from daycare … instead she was detained in a motel with a guard from the immigration department. Her family & carers listed her as missing to the authorities, & her children were placed into foster care. Did family services contact the hospital? It seems not. Did the missing persons bureau contact the hospital? It seems not. Did immigration contact anyone? It seems not. The bloody town is a classic metaphor of that movie ‘The Cube’.
Here are my thoughts on wot I believed happened to Alvarez in 2001 …
Vivian was badly beaten in a racial attack & left for dead. When she was found & taken to Lismore hospital, she was delirious & unable to convey her situation to staff. Having lost her passport, & finding it difficult to understand her accent, the hospital was unable to ascertain an identity. I suspect she was possibly housed & medicated at Richmond Clinic for several days while authorites were contacted by the hospital. From personal experiences of Lismore hospital procedures, I believe their 1st point of contact would hav bin the immigration dept. At this point Vivian was probably frantic with worry about her child, presenting to the authorities and hospital staff as a crazy woman or high on drugs. Still seriously injured, she was taken to a motel where she was held prisoner by immigration guards for two days until she was deported to the Philippines.
Meanwhile, the Lismore Dept of Community Services (a.k.a. Dept of Child Stealers) were happy to hav their hot hands on a brand new foster case. The dept get money for each child under care of the director general, & foster carers receive AU$10,000 annually for each child also. The younger a child is, the more desirable an asset, as they are easily controlled & manipulated by the state. In Lismore, the legal sale of children by DOCS is a regular occurance. Due to the high instance of mentally ill & drug addicted parents, DOCS Lismore hav a high turnover of child protection cases. Because of this, in their eyes, every case reported to them is a genuine care concern. Even now, on Vivian’s imminent return to Australia, DOCS hav stated that she will only be reunited with her son on a part-time basis. Wot an Injustice! I am outraged!

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