The Indigo Mind

I beleive its very possible that there are Adult Indigos, and that the generation refered to as ‘Indigo Children’ is possibly not quite the correct age bracket … My generation was raised by parents of the ‘free-love’ era – many of us were taught that racism & sexual prejudice is bad … we were taught about justice and the tru meaning of democracy … we were taught to fite for our rites and beliefs, and to have an open mind … care for the environment and other ppl … things like that.
Unfortunately the current world in which we live doesnt really cater to how we have been raised, and seems to have gone full circle on us … making our mindset a very difficult one to live with.  Often we find ourselves in the midst of battle over whats ‘right’ (because everyone does know the difference between right and wrong – so its hard for us to understand why ppl do the ugly things they do) only to find that we exhaust overselves trying to convince the world how to take the correct paths.  Often we become the victims of injustice simply because we speak out.
Just recently, I was talking wif my hubby about how angry the youth of today seem to be.  I was scared that they will most likely be the ones in charge in the near future and that their attitudes towards life and other people was so closed and heartless.  Our generation seems to hav bin the ones to miss out on the influential decision making positions, because our parents are still working in those positions and wont be passing those on for another 10 years or so. Maybe this skipping of generations for positions of influence has bin happening for ages, I dunno.
We also talked about how the younger generation hav bin taught to be defensive … that in 2001 many of them were an influential age during 9/11 … say about 8 to 12 years old.  They were frightened and less likely to be able to sort facts from propaganda … their parents were scared too, influencing their children with hatred, fear, & defense.  Its not a friendly world out there.  I too am now guilty of teaching my children in a similar way, at times, because of the injustices our family has faced over the past six years.  I dont want them to be victims in a society which couldnt care less about the well-being of others.  However, this mindset clashes with my own beleif system.
I believe I am a ‘Citizen of the World’, unfortunately the world the is still to catch up with such a simple ideal.  When the world and humanity is ready, the time will come where people such as ourselves wont be the ‘outcasts’.  It mite not be with the younger generation we know now. It mite not happen for another hundred years … but it is inevitable that the knowledge of the Indigo will become a stronger voice in the future.  Its only logical.

One Response to “The Indigo Mind”
  1. Unknown says:

    the world is in the mess it is in today because nice people do not assasinate the bastards doing the damage… when will the people with half a brain kill off those without one as a world survival stratagy?for other such irregular thoughts, see my blogsite.

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