Movie Reviews

If you like looking at girls tits, then Species III is for you. There are so many questionable scientific hypotheses in this film, it makes you wonder which mad scientist provided the research material for this production. In fact, unless ur going ewww at all the puss, you’ll find urself laughing at how much money can be spent making a B-Grade flik. Watch out, some parts hinted at the possiblity of a number 4.

The actors in Closer were really forced to perform in this one. This movie was all about the acting. It was a provocative plot, lotsa drama & lust, but to tell you the truth, I found it a bit tedious & smelly.

Wicker Park has an intriguing plot which unfolds in the second half of the movie … while the ending makes you go awe.  In an attempt to fool people into actually watching this film, both the title & genre are misleading. It’s got nothing to do with witches, & even less to do with psychological thrills.

Sorry bummed out this week …  at all titles … cant be on a winner all the time.

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