Schapelle sentenced to 20 years

Rather than type a lengthy blog entry regarding the 20 year sentance handed down to Schapelle Corby on Friday 27th May 2005 … I will refer you to a forum thread on Deviant Art in which my views are clearly expressed. >> 20 YEARS JAIL for Marijuana <<
I have been following the case of Schapelle Corby for many months and have learnt much over that time … some of my original conceptions altered as I discovered new facts.  Nonetheless, I still believe she is Innocent and outline many of my reasons in the DA forum thread.  As I have spent much time on this topic, both here on my blog, and in the DA forums, I don’t wish to repeat myself several times over.  The controversy surrounding this case is very involved … and many of the comments are highly detailed.  If you are interested, please put aside a couple of hours to peruse the discussion.

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