Spending Spree

Not only did we upgrade the  comps, but we also went on a bit of a spending spree.  Look in the ‘Our Stuff’ photo album to view some of the things we bought.
I told you we bought a Super Bouncer Trampoline for the kids, and some new furniture for their rooms, along with some clothes and new shoes.  I got a new pair of UG boots which Im pretty pleased to have available in the cold of morning.
To make life alittle easier we also bought a bicycle, a Sunbeam Convection Heater, a Kelvinator Fridge (we’re giving our old beast to Salvos) and a Samsung Washing Machine.  I tidied up my now spiffy laundry with a new 4 tier shelf.  We also bought a bookshelf for the lounge and a heap of VHS tapes from the local video shop who is selling off all their Vids for $2 a pop – we’ve got 80 vids now, which is a good collection to have considering the technology is dying out fast and tapes will be unavailable before too long.  Many are new release tapes too … so Im quite stoked at such a bargain.  Even tho its not new, Ive also included a photo of our hifi video player, DVD set-top box, and the tele … cause its big.  We are finally getting nicely settled into our new home.   I’ve got a picture of our veggie garden for this blog … we’ve already had some nice lettuce and herbs, and we’re starting to get some tomatoes too.  Unfortunately, little man and Miss 5 both decided to crush half the plants in an effort to pick off some of the fruit …

The Country Music  Festival came to town last weekend, and a friend of ours could get us some gate passes and free treats, so we went along for a look.  Now Country music isnt exactly our flavour … but we had a great time regardless.  We decided to have a couple of drinks & listen to some music before we left, just to get ourselves into a bit of a party  mood.  Well, Disturbed and Evenesence probably got us a bit more hyped up than wot we needed to be for country music … but anyhow it was all in fun.  With three kids we dont often get to go out and enjoy ourselves often. They had a Rodeo  (which is something Ive never seen in real life before) … those dudes are crazy … the kids loved it.  They were fascinated.  The excitement managed to keep them warm too, but when it was all over and the band began to play, well they werent so pep any longer.  We gathered around the fire to keep warm – but I felt sorry for the band cause the townsfolk were being party poopers – so I grabbed my little 5 year old daughter and we got up to dance.  After a bit of protesting from Miss 5, other people finally came up to join us.  The next day, we went back, but it was completely different.  The atmosphere was dull.  Everyone was sitting on their chairs and some chick was doing a bad impersonation of Olivia Newton John songs – she was even wearing a blonde wig.  We had some hot chips and fairy floss, but left shortly after.  Overall, I had a nice time … it was just something alittle different to do.

Well, its getting rather late here and Im getting pretty tired  … the kids are still up tho … I can hear the toot of a recorder in the loungeroom … thank god its Friday.  Time for a coffee  a nice hot shower and a soft warm bed.  Gnite.

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