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Welcome to the personal blog space of Reanimated Residue’s Multimedia Artist, Poizonmyst.
Please sign my Guest Book.  Just say hello and/or let me know what you think of my blog.  If you wish, you can sign the Guest Book each time you visit my blog – just to let me know you’ve dropped by.  Also, support fellow ‘Bloggers’ by visiting the blog of the person who has signed before you.

Note:  Please post any comments which are not a simple greeting to an associated blog entry.  Thank you.

7 Responses to “Guest Book”
  1. Paul says:

    Love the site, thanks for sharing

  2. MELISSA says:

    Hello I like your blog space and I like the link to your Deviant Art Gallery as well

  3. Reanimated says:

    Thanx Megamel25 🙂

  4. Brett says:

    I\’ve found Updated news on the Schapelle Corby Case You Might Find It Interesting

  5. Denise says:

    Iwas searching the news about Corby\’s case, and found your kool blog and also your interesting comment, would luv to visit it again…btw, which jackie brown is that one working for C4???

  6. Paul says:

    Someone advertised a Dyno e-bike on Gumtree. So I Googled that for more information and found your site!

    I like what I’ve read (so far) on the Howard years. He stacked the ABC board and got The Glasshouse axed, among other atrocities. What annoys us most is how glassy-eyed Gen Ys speak with such reverence of the “good old days” under Howard!
    Ahh middle class welfare — creating legions of loyal voters.

    • G’day Paul,

      Its been a loong long time since I visted my blog … and when they converted it from MSN Spaces to WordPress, I didnt bother to work on the colours and layout.

      I responded to your comments about the China story, on the article itself. Thanks for drawing me back to it for a re-read. 🙂

      Because the formatting of this blog is half WordPress/half old MSN Space, many of the articles are unreadable (white or yellow on white background). I hope you managed to locate the actual article about the Dyno e-bike on my website. If not, here is the link …

      There you’ll find a complete Q&A and specs about the bike. These days we ride Golden Motors e-bikes, but we still have the Dyno parts lying around and hope to use the engine to mod our son’s “Green Machiine”.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting. B-)

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