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3 Responses to “Miscellaneous Comments”
  1. Unknown says:

    Howdy. I noticed that you\’ve linked to the Gnostic Society. Is your interest in Gnosticism purely academic or do you also share certain beliefs?

  2. Reanimated says:

    My interest is a bit of both I spose. My main interest lies in the anthro-archaeology aspect of all religions. I think its curious that humanity has been so obsessed by spirituality for so long. I want to know where this originates (even before the time of Christ) … Is it truly a natural instinct for the human mind to search out spirituality? Or for yesteryear, was it simply more like their version of our modern day Celebrity Idols or Extra Terrestrials?I find it intriguing that many people are drawn to discovering their \’inner self\’ and a \’higher power\’ or \’higher intelligence\’ – I spose my interest in the topic, originates from my own need to understand \’What is my purpose in life? What are we here for?\’. I was not raised in a religious family – and I don\’t subscribe to any particular faith – yet I am still drawn to these questions. I did a \’What Religion are You?\’ test too .. and was given the result of \’Universalist\’ … when I looked at the website of the \’Universalist Church\’ I wasnt really attracted to their ideologies either – it seems that all religious establishments have this uncanny attraction to authoritarian conduct towards their followers.I like reading the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls, because they are an invaluable resource into understanding the true story surrounding Christ and the mindset of individuals (who were nonconformists) during that era. I believe that much of what we read in the Bible, and what we are told by \’The Church\’, has been so altered by the politics of both today and 2000 years ago that they are far from accurate accounts of what happened. The texts within the Nag Hammadi Library and Dead Sea Scrolls are the unaltered words of individuals – a primary resource – so much closer to the actual events than what we can read in the Bible.

  3. MELISSA says:

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