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As soon as I heard Elektra was out on DVD I wanted to see it. I love Jennifer Garner in Alias & thought she would portray a tough-chick superhero well, which she did. However the movie was a little bland compared to most ‘Marvel’ productions, lacking in well, I’m not sure really … I just know I wasnt completely satisfied.   Never-the-less, it was fun entertainment with some good action.

As a mother to three kids, I had mixed feelings about Cheaper By The Dozen. I laughed heartily at much of the chaos, & wasn’t overly disturbed by the lack of discipline, but I was concerned about the fact that the children were so selfish (which kids often are) not to let their parents follow their dreams by helping out alittle around the house – especially in such a large family. In my house, the kids get alot of freedoms, but they also understand that mum & dad have a right to a life too, & that families must sometimes make sacrifices for each other. If they cant accept that, then ultimately, they must do wot is decided as best for the family by the adults … not the other way round.

So my choice out of these 3 movies goes to Blade: Trinity. The first 2 in this trilogy were outstanding. Fast-paced slick action, and No. 3 doesnt disappoint in this arena. I also love the sarcasm and charisma of both Blade & the King character. I do hav sum complaints tho … the scientific theorems, justifying Dracula’s birth 6000 years ago, were lacking in comparison to the concepts which we are used to having presented to us in the first 2 films. To offer up all this information about his existence & then basically say "we dont know how he came to be born, all we know is, he was the first" is a bit of a cop out. I think the writers could have done much better here. My other grumble is that, in some of the final scenes we see ‘Abigail’ going at it hard wif sum wicked fight moves, while Blade is just walking around (like the cool dude that he is) blasting his ‘big gun’ at any approaching nasty vamps. I spose Snipes is getting pretty old these days tho, so he could be forgiven here. However, in the end, his final battle with Dracula is certainly mean & well worth the journey.

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