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2 Responses to “Blog Directory Listings”
  1. Brett says:

    pretty cool site I like it, isn\’t Cool Jammin bragging a bit with his stats did he pay you to put them on there lol, I\’m only joking it\’s a pretty sweet system anyways I\’ll probably chat l8r and yeah cya

  2. Reanimated says:

    Them the stats of his comp … so yeah I spose he is braggin … but wouldnt anyone wif a comp like that? :DBut as wif all comps … in 6 months time it\’ll be obsolete … actually even now its already outdated. Thats how it is wif comps. But yeh its nice to hav a comp wif new technology, that actually worx, for once. Yeh he paid me … a new washing machine and monitor lol.

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