Up all nite – again.

I had intended to go to bed at about midnight last night cause Im so buggered at the mo. However, as I started on a couple of small modifications to my blog space, I got a little carried away … and as is typical for an internet addict, before i knew it the sun was cumin up, and it was time to get my daughter ready for school. 
Anyway, I hope the new additions to my blog space make it a little more interesting for visitors.  Tho, my polls have a slight error in the display script, I quite like that addition.  It’s a quick and  easy way for ppl to interact if they dont wanna drop a comment – and I get to see how ppl feel about some of the topics I like to discuss in my blog.  It’s completely anonymous so give it a go.  The link to my polls is in the "Interact" list in the sidebar on the right. Im planning to add some other features in the future so be sure to come by again to check them out.
I tried linking to java pages (stored in documents) and images in my MSN group, but that wasnt too successful, as it required sign in to a MSN passport to see the features, which really isnt ideal.  Its bad enuff that apparently the MSN Spaces cannot be viewed in any other browser but IE, and that ppl need to have a passport to leave messages … so I dont need to add to the incompatibilities.
Our lil country town finally has broadband available, so we’ve signed up for a connection and are just waiting til our router modem to arrive in the mail.  Should be onto broadband by this time next week, which is pretty exciting.  That should make watching live streaming from the Big Brother house more bearable, along with other things like WebTV.  Im thinking Ill have winamp streaming one of the StarTrek channels in a lil window at the top of my monitor all day as I surf the net.  Should be lotsa fun.  
Well Im pretty tired now and ready to settle in for a good nites rest.  Time to get the kids into bed and daze out on some flicks.  Gnite All.

2 Responses to “Up all nite – again.”
  1. Brett says:

    Hi how are you? I just thought I\’d tell you the IE thing is no longer true I\’m able to view your page from Internet Explorer, Neoplanet, and Mozilla Firefox (Windows and Linux versions) so yeah, not trying to correct you but thought I should let you know. Happy Blogging

  2. Reanimated says:

    Woohoo!! Thats v cool 🙂 My parents always have trouble viewing my stuff, I think they mite be using Firefox … so that\’ll make em happy.

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