Movie Reviews

This week I was on a real winner … so much so that I cant pick a fav … they were all so good for different reasons.

First up, Ill go wif National Treasure. Not a mind straining experience, but that can be a good thing sometimes … just to be lightly entertained. Sure, we’ve seen the stunts dun a thousand times before, but it’s the plot and script which really wins you over. It was great to see a movie that entailed so much research into the history of Freemasons and the Knights Templar – still a major part of American politics today.

When I saw the title of Australian Rules I asked my hubby, why on Earth did you borrow a sport movie? It starts off quite comically, a coach wif the common Aussie speach impediment of "If I arcsed yous once, I arcsed yous a thousand times." … but it’s not long before the serious overtures of this little country town begin to reveal themselves. An incredibly realistic drama, wif the towns obsession wif the sport of Aussie Rules used simply as a catalist to expose their true sentiments towards each other, this is a gripping exploration into racism, friendship, and community values.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is a masterpiece in all sense of the word. At times it’s like McGyver meets Edward Scissorhands. Everything about this film was both disturbing and beautiful at once. The scenery was impecible, the plot compelling, the characters provocative, and the credits (of all things) are pure artwork in their own right. This is not your typical family movie, certainly not filled with singing rabbits & happy little elves – far from it! Featuring an all-star cast, who play their roles with exceptional excellence, this movie is a must see event.

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