Big Brother Uncut Vs Football

I havent made an entry for a while, so Im doing a massive update of all my online journals today.
First off, I will say that Ive finished my Certficate IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor course, and am now awaiting the results.  If I do say so myself, Im sure I kicked arse yet again, as I did with the other modules, so Im not all that nervous about it … though Im glad its over and done with.  After putting it off for many months, it only took one night to complete.  Procrastination may be fun – but the nagging mind which accompanies it, is not.

One thing Id like to discuss in this journal is the Big Brother Uncut scandal which has hit the media, and is now being investigated by the ABA (my personal experience of the ABA is very sceptical … however I spose thats another journal story really).  Personally I think this whole business is ridiculous.  The program airs in an adult time slot – and if children are watching it, either their parents are not concerned by the content, or are being negligent of their kids TV watching habits.  Personally Im not concerned by the content … Id much rather my children are watching people doing natural loving things, than watching your average macho violent football match (which, incidentally, goes to air unrated).  Im not saying we should let kids watch XXX porn, but a few full frontal naked bodies, and two people making out in a bath, is far from falling into that classification.
I dont think it is right that BB was forced to apologise and change the format of the Uncut program.  The show is promoted as Adults Only … it has an MA rating … Gretal gives numerous warnings prior to any risqué material – what more warning do people need?  Footy on the other hand, is enjoyed by thousands of Aussies, adults and children alike, every week – without ratings, without warnings, and matches are often broadcast live.  When a biff occurs, the camera swings straight to it and focuses on the action till the last punch … then it gets repeated several times over on nightly news sports reports.  Are these sports people really the role models we should be encouraging our children to follow?  It seems as soon as a few young adults are seen to be having a bit of natural innocent fun, jealousy filters in and there is major outcry.
Of course this weird bias, towards sex as inappropriate, is quite prevalent in many areas of our entertainment.  Just look at the regular debate regarding over-the-counter computer games … the prevalence of violent games is enormous, but I think the closest we’ve ever come to sex in computer games is The Sims series.
Im also getting increasingly concerned about advertsing for adult programs such as Law and Order SVU, and other such series, during early evening time slots.  The other day while watching The Simpsons, my kids became rather scared by a Law and Order promo which claimed Vampires were real.  There was alittle bit of blood in the ad, but mostly it was the narration which scraed them.  They didnt understand what the message was – and didnt seem to believe me when I tried to explain the content of the advert.  This irresponsible promotion of adult programs during children’s TV timeslots is increasing, and is disturbing.  I cant believe Ive not heard anything about this elsewhere … surely other parents are experiencing the same problems when these adverts are aired … why does the ABA allow it to continue?  It cant be that Im the only one complaining about this.
All this imbalance between sex and violence is unfortunate … no wonder kids are growing up with bullying at school, and the problem of street violence is escalating.  Im not against a bit of action and horror … a bit of violence in a movie or TV show can be entertaining in films for adults, but it has become so acceptable that we now have people lobbying shows like Uncut, while Friday Night Footy goes on without a whisper or even a rating.  Why do we continue to reinforce and condone these primal violent activities?  Maybe a little bit of primal love on the small screen could go a long way.

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