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Its been a while, so Ive got quite a list to update. Im not going to pick a fav this time, so you’ll just have to judge my likes and dislikes from what I say about each flick. So its on with the movie reviews.

The One was fun and an interesting theory.   I would have liked it more if some of the fight scenes weren’t so cheezy tho. I like a bit of martial arts action, but when a dude lifts up 2 motor cycles and doesnt fall flat on his face, or doesnt even try to balance his weight when doing so … well, I had to laugh at how B-Grade it suddenly looked. Twas a shame really, because most of the other sfx were pretty impressive. The scene at the end, where he fights himself, is also very well done. This movie also has one filth soundtrack!

Ive tried to watch The Bourne Supremacy numerous times now. I do really like the story, I was just really tired … so my viewing of this film has been in several bits and pieces … I may have still missed about 15 minutes worth somewhere towards the end. Anyway, as I said, I enjoy this story … the idea of a super spy dude, who gets amnesia, yet remembers all the tactics taught to him, is quite intriguing. I spose thats the power of brain washing. There were some nice little one liners, some effective action, & an intelligent plot. Will they ever leave the poor fella alone? Is it any wonder he gets so

Lots of action, lots of gore … but what was the damn story about? I’d bin looking forward to watching King Arthur for a while, but in the end I was disappointed.   I am quite intrigued by the legendary folk tale, but this movie was nothing more than blood and guts. The scenery & battles were believable enough, but I felt an actual plot got left behind.

When I was a kid, waking for my early morning weekend dose of the legendary supermarionation The Thunderbirds was a must for a kid sci-fi freak. The live action ‘remake’ movie of this early TV series is great fun. My favourite character had to be Lady Penelope and all her pink gadgets. The sets were brilliant … just like the original, only now they were real. Love the music and love the thunderbird ships. Mostly I ignored the kid (whoever he was), cause parts involving him had that teeny movie feel … but thats to be expected from a film intended for a youthful audience. Other than that, I was impressed with the results. Thunderbirds are GO!

Three Blind Mice is an internet horror story. Quite implausible actually, but I spose it could happen. Edward Furlong, is an impressive little actor, but this movie doesnt really do him much justice. Im usually a big fan of computer/internet movies, but I dunno … I sorta liked it … but I really doubted its validity in reality. I think the moral of the story was an attempt to scare ppl about risks when using the internet. I spose for ppl who are ignorant about what information they should and should not share with the world, it could be useful … but then those ppl probably wouldnt hire this film anyway, because its quite computer tech in nature. Parts of the plot were alittle hard to follow … I still dont really know who was tied up in the crime being commited, and why …. but the life of a net addict was pretty well portrayed – I should know.

Uprising was originally a TV series, now made into a DVD movie. I was quite impressed with the overall setting and acting in this film, but it was a task to get through. Based on actual events which held back the Nazi incursion of Poland for almost a month in 1943, it is the story of Jewish underground insurrection in the slum district of Warsaw. As with most movies centred around this theme, it was quite dreary and depressing ah so be it … it was hardly a era of celebration.

Im a big fan of Johnny Depp mmmmm … so of course, I hired Finding Neverland as soon as it was available – for the kids of course. Actually, the kids were alittle bored by it. I was expecting a sequel, or something, to the Peter Pan story. I was quite surprised to discover it was based on Sir James Matthew Barrie, the author of the fable, and the family who became his muse. Oh, it was a beautiful and compelling tale – I dunno how much of it was true … but I had to shed a tear or two towards the end. Imaginative and moving … a must see for mum and dad … but not so much for the little ones.

Oh my … Tom Cruise looks so unnaturally old in Collateral that I was beginning to think someone was slapping him in the head with a chalk duster throughout the making of this film – I know he’s getting old, but my god, that hair is not real. Nevertheless, he plays a great bad guy, and the movie moves along at a great pace once we get past the boring cab ride which is the beginning. I enjoyed the catch 22 situations which the taxi driver was forced to endure … and his seemingly final solution of totalling the cab was a great idea. Poor fella really gets caught up in it tho when he realises who the assasins next target is. Maybe he should have just walked away right then and there … but no, he had to attempt the obvious … and this is where the film really fell apart for me. It was one of those scenes which has you yelling at the screen "Why dont you just call the police, you idiot!!". But no, they never do, do they? Always gotta frustrate the audience with illogical sequences which was a shame really, because it was such a good movie up to that point.

Using my Scifi-fans club account at Deviant Art, I started a forum thread about Favourite Sci-fi Movies. Most I had heard of, but to my surprise there were a couple of recent movies I had never heard of. The Butterfly Effect was one of those films, and came highly recommended. I loved it … my hubby didnt. I was told the alternate ending was better than the one finally released with the film, but no, I have to disagree … the original package is perfect. I found it rather amusing that everyones life was so much better off without him This movie is a supernatural psychological time travel thriller, kind of like Final Destination meets Back to the Future I spose you could say. Can’t wait to see the sequel due out in 2007 – Is he going to be born again? Will he ever get the girl? Will he kill everyone off in the process? He should probably remain dead … but Hollywood just cant seem to let a lead character role meet a tragic end, can it?

And finally I have to say I loved the fictional depiction of Howard Hughes’ early life in The Aviator. This film is well cast, and superbly acted. Ive seen numerous reviews that say the film focused too much on the man’s mental illness than on his brilliance.  Personally, I think they are one and the same – his paranoias were undeniably a huge part of his life – while his innovations were almost motivated by this intensity and his mind was seemingly always on the go. Cate Blanchett does a magnificent job in the role of Katherine Hepburn, and DiCaprio is completely lost behind the mask he has successfully portrayed as Hughes. Following the film, which is historically inaccurate to some degree but still based on true events, I was so intrigued by whatever it was that inflicted this poor fellow, that I was compelled to do alittle research into his life. He was never really treated psychologically when alive, seems his entourage attempted to protect him from this disgrace, but it would be obvious to assume from all accounts that he had Obsessive/Compulsive disorder – which would also explain his grand obsession, and success, with his aeroplanes  and also in perfecting his movie productions (even to the point where he developed a prototype of the pushup bra for his leading lady in The Outlaw). An intriguing movie, and an even more spectacular life story … even though the facts and time frames are a little jumbled in relation to reality … I still recommend this as a must see.

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  1. Ritsuko says:

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