Deeply Impacted

At 3.52pm July 4th (Australian Eastern Stanadard Time) NASA successfully smashed their "Impactor" probe into Comet 9P/Tempel 1. Streamed live on NASA TV, the resulting impact was larger than most anticipated. The probe was released from the "Flyby" spacecraft into the path of the comet 24 hours prior to impact and proceeded to undertake a series of targeting maneuvers. The "Deep Impact" mission is the first of it’s kind, and is expected to help scientists ascertain the interior material composition of a typical comet, amoungst other objectives, which include answering some basic questions which relate to the formation of the solar system.

Image Courtesy of NASA TV
2 Responses to “Deeply Impacted”
  1. Tetsugaku-San says:

    {random blog attack}The comet is great, if only the crazy Russion astrologer wasn\’t trying to sue Nasa!! . . .. .

  2. Reanimated says:

    Agreed … but the saddest thing is the jealous Russian scientists backing her.

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