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I’m not a religious person per se, but I am interested in the history and philosophy of different religions. I also dont mind the odd movie based on the subject and movies about the end of the world, which is why I chose The Second Coming. This was originally a two part TV mini-series and is presented as such on DVD. It was a fairly original idea about the modern day resurrection of christ, and I was certainly kept captivated up until the very end. I dont want to give too much away, for those who may be interested in watching the movie, but I wasnt so happy with the ending … well I was, in that I agree with the plot of the ending … I just I think it could have been more spectacular.

I believe Vampire Clan has the masked intention of teaching kids not to get too caught up in a trend. Based on a true events, this movie recounts the story of a teen ‘vampire’ cult involved in the murder of a girls parents. The cover and description imply a usual horror film … designed to attract kids who would likely think it cool and rebellious to drink each other’s blood and participate in other black occult activites … only to be surprised that this movie does not give the fashion a positive spin at all. Personally I think the cult leader was simply insane in that he truely beleived he had the powers of an immortal vampire. The others in the group were only going along with a popular trend, unwittingly perpetuating his sickness to its gruesome conclusion. Ultimately, they were just foolish kids, way in over their heads … evidenced by the way in which they were eventually captured.

I was prepared to be bored out of my skull with Spartacus … only I found myself enraptured, for the whole of almost three hours, by this tale about slaves fighting for their freedom in ancient Rome. This movie was made in the traditional style, dont expect anything out of the ordinary when it comes to film making techniques … but the action and drama was well balanced, and the script was first-class, so this is my choice.

3 Responses to “Movie Reviews”
  1. Jenna says:

    hmm..i\’ve written all 3 movies down on my "must borrow" dvd list, they all sound really interesting.

  2. [madame] [butterfly] says:

    You took my advice! Lol. Very cheap and nasty lyrics. I think artist should put their lyrics first.Some random called Tully.

  3. [madame] [butterfly] says:

    You are right about the blog\’s are primarly for myself thing. I agree. Have you read the Lord of the Rings series? Or are you just one of those \’movie\’ people? You have too read it. It\’s better that way. I\’m not much of a \’had a nice day, the sun was shining\’ person myself. No shit is what it\’s been called before. Cheers!Some random called Tully.

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