Movie Reviews

I havent chosen a fav this week – these movies are all great in their own right for totally different reasons – too hard to choose a fav.

In the tradition of classic golden oldie superhero movies of the 1940s, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, is a superb sci-fi epic. One courageous hero and his annoying love interest, against thousands of monolithic robots and a villainous, idealistic, wizard-of-oz scientist with a God complex. A bit of everything in this one – ninja action, an airforce of submersible aeroplanes,   a jurassic park garden of eden – this movie was not intended to be of realistic and practical application, but rather more like a heroic comic book journey.

Ive never seen the original version, but I dont care. The whole point of science fiction is to celebrate future technologies – embrase it! All those so-called ‘real’ sci-fi fans, who have conceited attachments to older versions – always despising remakes – are really quite hypocritical in my opinion. This said, at face value, I found War of the Worlds very entertaining. If you simply follow the adventure of human survival, rather than trying to resolve holes in the plot (which is probably more to do with the original story and the intention with which is was penned), then you will most likely enjoy this film. The special fx were outstanding throughout the film, but the arrival of the ‘tripods’ in the opening scenes were particularly realistic.

I cant emerse myself in sci-fi all the time so A Man’s Gotta Do was a refreshing change in the realm of movies depicting dysfunctional families. A quality plot and script, with a superior cast portraying the unique Australian character with true flair. Truely hilarious, with some clever unexpected twists.

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