Scotty Crosses the Final Frontier

A full week, it was already over when I thought it was only half way through. I mentioned in my last entry that it was my baby boy’s 4th bday, well 5 days later is the bday of my 2nd born. She turned 6 this year and also decided she wanted a remote control vehicle after seeing baby boys. She chose a racing car … and while baby boy’s monster truck is almost 3 times the size (any boys dream toy), he spent the whole day trying to steal her baby born, regardless of his Spiderman action figure and all other toys ‘boyish’ – ah kids.
My certificate finally arrived in the post, so Im pretty happy about that … puts a closure on the course … and reminds me that Im truely free of it now.
I was also very saddened by the passing of James Doohan, the chief engineer from the original Star Trek series, Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott on 20th July – the anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon. His ashes will scattered over the ocean, while his remaining ashes will be flown into space to join Gene Roddenbury – the series creator. Godspeed Scotty.
One Response to “Scotty Crosses the Final Frontier”
  1. [madame] [butterfly] says:

    You should read the books. They\’re better. But agreeing with the instant satisfaction thing. Some random called Tully.

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