Movie Reviews

Having been compelled to borrow Spanglish after viewing the trailer, I was expecting a light feel-good comedy, but this movie was way more than that. The themes were compelling, heartfelt, and sometimes even dissolute. The producers havent danced around morality with this one, and that makes for a refreshing change – presenting an accurate portrayal which could very well occur in real life.
 I loved Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which is why I was excited to discover a new film in a similar vein – House of the Flying Daggers. Brilliant Choreography, high action martial arts, and groovy gravity-defying special effects which are always fun when applied to this genre. Ive certainly attained a new respect for the versatility of bamboo. The adventure twists and turns, complemented by a beautiful romantic story, enough to rival the gorgeous landscape cinematography. captivating, inspiring, exciting, stylish.
Touching the Void is the true story of two young mountaineers who set out to conquer the never before climbed, 21,000ft Siula Grande in the Peruvian Alps. Both experienced, the men chose the high risk ‘Alpine Style’ for their climb – A quick climb, completely unsupported with minimum supplies – leaving not much room for error – but when one of them breaks his leg on decent, they discover friendship, sacrifice, survival, and human endurance to its extreme. This movie is beautifully shot – presented as both documentary and reconstructive footage. It is brutally honest, powerful, scarey, and inspiring. I also recommend watching the two mini-docos also on the DVD, What Happened Next and Return to Siula Grande which, in itself, motivates discussion concerning the ethics of the Director in taking a traumatised individual back to his nemesis, without the accompaniment of a counsellor.
"Why did you borrow this?" I asked my hubby, a patronising eyebrow raised … "Cause I like his music and we’ve seen everything else anyway." he replied. None the less it was a few weeks before we decided to watch the film biography of Ray. At 2am one morning, we thought it might work as a sedative for our insomnia – two and a half hours later we were still transfixed on the screen. An hour after that we were still up discussing the issues raised about Ray’s life. A fascinating insight into the legendary entertainer, Ray Charles.

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