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DeviantArt is the largest international virtual art community on the internet with over 1.5 million members, and over 14 million ‘deviations’ (artworks).  Millions of dollars worth of artwork is hosted on the site, including work from both unknown and celebrity artists.  I have been showcasing my artwork on DA since the 22nd March 2005.   Recently, a major scandal has rocked the community, unfortunately bringing future success of the site into question.  Due to attempts by the new administration to censor members, and threats to ban members who are concerned about this issue, I have been forced to mirror my current DeviantArt journal here on my blog space.

PoizonMyst DeviantArt Journal – Yellow Fever – Dated Aug 2nd 2005

This journal will be constantly updated with EVIDENCE as more information becomes available. Please check the section "Damning Evidence Edits" for new updates. This journal is mirrored.
Though I have only been here a few months I have come to love, and ultimately enjoy, this ‘community’ for the values and possibilities that were offered here. I had not been motivated to create art for many years after starting a family, yet it was the encouragement of the members, opportunities for improvement, and the chance to showcase my work (where it may otherwise be sitting in a sketchbook in the corner largely unnoticed), which inspired and motivated me to enjoy my creative talents again. The Deviant Art community has revived my long lost life – I spend most of my waking hours here.
Originally I posted the following statements in a few forum threads under my husband’s empty account, for fear that I may be banned under the new ‘justice system’ being implemented here at Deviant Art.  I have since discovered that so many are speaking out in this fashion, that the new corporate administration would have no community left if they decided to martyr everyone. And anyway, if they do – that’s not the type of community I would be willing to stay a part of anyhow – it’s against so many of my principles. It is because of these principles that I feel it is important for me to express my speculation on the events that resulted in jark’s removal on July 29th 2005.
After reading numerous journals and comments on the subject (including deleted material), delving here and there for clues as to what happened, and the eerie absence of any official notice from the current admin to quash any theories and allegations …. I can only conclude that the real story is the one that’s been hinted to us from within the ranks of the staff who have resigned (both voluntarily and forced) in protest to the decline of community spirit amoungst the new admin, in favour of um … less desirable characteristics.
A good look at some of the the smooth-tongued talk by spyed over the last few months, also seems to suggest this story. Have a read of his recent journals … they seem innocent enough … but are they? I dont particularly like some of the images that come into my mind when reading this entry.
The words & statements he chooses are rather alarming in light of new events …. "corporate"; "pure capitalist democracy"; " technology company"; "most valued contributor to a capitalist society is the entrepreneur" (of which he admits to being one himself); "we must enhance deviantART with a system to empower the leaders."; even the title of the journals "Scaling down the Deviants"; and it goes on & on – all under the guise of making changes to better the community – very charismatic! In fact in his own journal he also states ….
"Today deviantART is what we call a flat community. It’s theoretically as raw and fair as any social system can possibly be."
So why the hell change it so dramatically?? 😐 Why? Because a ‘raw and fair’ system does not truely fit the captialist model. Sure America is a "capitalist democracy" …. but it also has the Pariot Acts.  Thats right – OBEY or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Have I gone too far? In one forum post  he even talks of the "groups project" as being "code named" – sounds like a military operation.
Remember when, not that long ago, we were all asked to agree to an amended ‘Submission Policy’? Remember how many were vilified for suggesting that maybe this policy had a hidden agenda? Who’s journal of ‘explanation’ were we often referred to by Submission Policy devotees? Yes, it was the ever persuasive glib of spyed whom we were forced to take as gospel on the ‘good-nature’ of the ‘team’ who ran DA. All the ‘paranoia’ back then, doesnt seem so far from reality now, does it?
This section is updated as more information becomes available.
Edit 1st Aug: :devspyed: has offered a Response to Recent Events – basically a history lesson (which does not concur with the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia) that does not provide any answers, and also contradicts itself. Again he tries to pull the wool over our eyes with the statement … "jark and I have worked together on deviantART from day 1." (His profile says July 15th 2000 – as does jark) However evidence at this site suggests otherwise – Aug 2000 & Dec 2001 … No spyed no mccann … Hmmm, curious indeed.
Edit 2nd Aug: Check out this Audio Interview with spyed … is he being sincere? Remember that spyed has often reiterated to members that DA is lucky to stay afloat each month. Spyed indicates in this interview that DA is quite stable with the current income base it receives. (Update Aug 12th: On a side note, I’m also curious about the psychologists who have been analysing our activities on DA – Do you remember ever agreeing to be part of an anthropological psychoanalysis study? No? Neither do I.)
Edit 3rd Aug: How Odd Is This? Evidence spyed has lied about his join date, and that he has the ability to cover it up. Wouldnt it be nice to have the power to alter history when it suits you?
Edit 4th Aug: A great place to look for current information is the journal of bookdiva – who is jark‘s mother. She links to two leaked emails from jark This One leaked on an anonymous blog space addressed to mccann (mirrored at the T52 site) … and This One (new leak) addressed to spyeddeviot also contains other intriguing information and links.  Jark’s Latest Journal has some interesting information.  And while your at it, you may like to look at mirrorkills journal A Cold Day For DA which provides some insight into the administration’s future plans for deviant’s who continue to ask questions. I seriously suggest all deviant’s who support the yellow movement should BACKUP their gallery and any wanted journals on their harddrive.
Edit Aug 4th: In case deviot‘s journal is deleted, here is an offsite copy of the new leaked email … The 2nd Leaked Email.
It seems the servers at the webarchive have come under some strain of late and often go offline. Anyway, if you can access the site, This screen shot has come to my attention. Please note, that this screenshot was archived on 31st March 2001. The screenshots I provided on Aug 1st at the same site, are archived Aug 2000 and Dec 2001, respectively.
An old journal by
jark Behind the Scenes dated Feb 18, 2002 provides an insight into DA staff roles.
I believe in yesterday by brihana25 – contains interesting research into the past and present of DA. This detailed journal entry also explains how spyed‘s join dates were able to be changed (see ‘How Odd Is This’ – Aug 3rd above). It also offers information relating to DMusic, and how in the early days both sites mirrored entries and member information.  (Update Aug 12th: MikeyLove provides a response to brihana25‘s journal with, A response to some stinky bullshit.)
Spyed’s Member Page on DMusic. – As a non-member you can scroll through his journal entries. The first entry he made pertaining to Deviantart was on Sep 8th 2000. With a personality such as spyed you would think he would make more of a deal about founding DA at the time. So onto his next entry pertaining to DA on March 1st 2001 – It is on this entry that he starts to provide his DA email for contact. He also make’s two entries on this date, almost identical, except the 2nd one (posted 2 mins later) refers to being there "from the start", along with a list of skin websites. Is he referring to having been involved in the building of these sites from the start? Or is he referring to being witness to "A new genre of art." – it’s ambiguous to know exactly what he means. His last DMusic journal posted on July 25th 2003 also refers to Deviantart – but does not provide much information.
Edit Aug 6th: Some sensible advice from jark … whether you follow this cause or not, please heed his words.
Also, mccann makes an attempt to clarify spyed‘s ‘Scaling The Deviants’ journals, in his recent journal ‘XYZ…WTF’ – so you may be interested in having a read of that.
From the first issue of DeviantMag comes some further evidence about the Origins of the DeviantArt and the magazine. There is also a list of Staff & Contributers
Edit Aug 12th:
Two more interesting journals on this matter,
justthorne‘s History in the Making and Our Response; A BIG ASS LIST by *killjoy. Both of these journals are packed full of VERY IMPORTANT information and links.
killjoy has provided a link to controversial staff forum thread that was originally leaked on T52 as ‘screenies’, but was eventually removed due to abuse of staff who participated in the thread. This set of Screen Captures is a bit choppy, but you can still follow the conversation and see some of the inside thoughts from our ‘beloved’ leaders – certainly hints on who can and cant be trusted. Please do not go and personally abuse staff over this thread – thats just immature and really doesnt help matters. The leaked forum thread is discussed in justthorne‘s journal, An Open Letter, re: Admin thread.
I also never provided a link to the
Liquisoft Thread that was deleted from DA by liquisoft. The main reason this evidence is important because it contradicts the well-known FAQ #160: Can I remove or delete comments on my userpage or deviations?
spyed has released two journals since my last update, And the beat goes on and The ‘Corporation’ moves on – neither provide any real response in light of this matter, but I suppose we can all agree that at some point we need to move on somewhat, as this matter is going to be a drawn out affair.
Anyway, The ‘Corporation’ moves on journal is interesting in that he discusses many of the new plans that are to be implented on DA over the next few months. However, he also links to the journal of Josh in response to the The Llama Conspiracy, a new emot implemented on DA recently. Josh‘s journal is curious in that it states that the Llama emot is "not an insult to anyone. It’s not part of a grand conspiracy. It wasn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings because it was added before other emotes." – I’m sorry but Im far from convinced that this is true. Remember spyed POINTS to this journal, so he must agree with it to some extent – anyway, take a look at the title of the song Josh is listening too … and just what is he trying to say in that highlighted quote?
Ive noticed that spyed has certainly been treading the thin line with community emotions over the past week. Most questionable was the insensitive timing of his decision to upload an unimpressive collection of ‘happy snaps’ which included My Desk at HQ (looking very plush with a huge desk and plasma TV – it’s funny to note that he has NO BOOKS on all those shelves tho), also The Man in Black (showing a summit meeting between staff in which jark was unable to attend), and then there is The Hat, a smelly little snub in the face of adversity. It is worrying to note that many members have had ‘snapshots’ removed from their gallery in the past, having been told that photos of this calibre belong in their ‘scraps’ collection – obviously again, the rules dont apply to rambunctious admin staff.
justthorne has also released a journal, Lack of Trust Will Ruin Us, which discusses the option of putting your gallery into storage, and how taking this action is useful to the cause. I reiterate that this is a completely personal choice to make (I myself have chosen to not take this action – though I have deleted any prints I had up for sale and removed my entire gallery from the deviantMOBILE service). The bottom line of this action also goes towards establishing a point I have made to many ‘spyed‘ supporters – that millions of dollars worth of OUR art is in the hands of a man who’s trust is questionable. Without our art, the website is worthless. I pointed out in the above section ‘current issues’, that under the dubious rephrased ‘Submission Agreement’ (which we were asked to agree to in April (?) this year) we were told to take it in good faith that those holding the reigns of the ‘Submission Agreement’ were trustable – now we can’t be so certain. This has also occured to a few other members in the community so Im not alone in this observation … I implore you to be aware of any new changes being made at DA which may make use of the agreement in ways that you may not want your art used. justthorne includes the Submission Agreement in his journal, and highlights questionable sections.
itirep has also discussed the Submission Agreement in his journal deviantART Inc Pwns Me after having the contract reviewed by a corporate lawyer. As I suspected, the agreement is extremely disconcerting, and the results of itirep‘s investigation are of major interest to all members of deviantART. I will post a link to his journal when it is updated with further details.
A full-on, and abusive,
Chat Log between spyed and killjoy on IRC in Nov 2002. Intriguing in the light of recent events. The behaviour of spyed in this conversation goes to show how young he was when he became involved in the running of DA – yes his rantings are much like those of an immature high-school boy.
spyed has also discussed the ‘Basic Print Program’ in his journal The ‘Corporation’ moves on. I’ve never approved of the Print Services on DA because the profit margin is exceedingly imbalanced. In the past the ‘Basic Prints Program’ was only available to subscribers, but his journal suggests that the ‘Basic Print Program’ is being extended to ALL members of DA – not a bad thing in itself, but to me an obvious move solely at financial gain. This is a distinctive corporate move because, as the artist, you will only receive 10% of the profits made from any prints you sell, while 90% of profits go to DA. This is astronomical cut for anyone who is agent for the sale of YOUR WORK. Also be aware that DA also receives a massive 50% of profits from the sale of your prints if you are subscribed to the Premium Prints Service. Dont be fooled – 50% IS A HUGE CUT – way beyond the commission received by any reputable broker. I just want be sure that people are made aware of this before choosing to participate in either of the Print programs.
3sunflower has created a list of Yellow Journals. Please note her with a link to your ‘Yellow Journal’ if you want to be included on the list.
I doubt jark would want to return to working with spyed, but Im sure our support for him wont go unnoticed – maybe even when it comes to the court room. If the new admin wont provide answers, and then ultimately make changes detrimental to us all, then I doubt spyed is going to be left with much of an ‘art-community’ to profit from.
So firstly, Sign The Petition.
Make A Stand on August the 7thDeviant Art’s 5th Birthday.
There’s a few different ideas going around, but I think the best suggestion is to promote the community spirit on which this website was founded.
  • Do not make any purchases of prints or accounts.
  • Go crazy commenting on the deviations of others.
  • Participate in the community forums, and be sure to visit the Welcome Centre forum.
  • Find some new friends to +devwatch.
  • Only favourite jark related artwork, so that the whole front page is yellow – ensure your user page preferences are set to display ‘Recent Favourites’.
  • Don’t submit art, or only submit ‘Yellow Art’ or jark related art.
  • Change your community mood and deviant type to ‘Yellow Alien’ on your user page.
  • Temporarily change to a yellow jark themed avatar until the community is given some real answers from the current administration.
  • Deactivate the deviantMobile service on your gallery. To do this go to Your Profile, select the "Deviation Management" tab, and then click on the "Deactivate Gallery" button.
  • Some people are also putting their galleries into storage – this of course is your personal choice.
  • Be wise when discussing this issue with deviant’s who are not in support of the yellow movement – Dont be insulting!! Try to pass on appropriate evidence (refer above) which may help them to form an informed opinion on this issue. Be firm, yet calm. Do not spam user pages, and ultimately, do not be abusive.
  • Promote community spirit!


End Journal Mirror

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