Long Time No Entry

Oh my, it has been quite a while since I left a entry on my blog here.  Ive been rather sick and not really feeling all that eager to sit at the keyboard, thinkning and typing.  Much has happened but I dont think Im going to write it all tonight.  Anyway, Ill get started on few things.
Hubby went and bought some more toys … a new DV Camera … very spiffy.  Umm I got an MP3 player for my walks into town, and I also bought a microwave.  Oh yes, hubby bought himself a new electric guitar, and also two classical acoustic guitars for the kids.  He also came across a neighbour who wanted to give away their old church organ – a few keys didnt work he said.  Well, tinker tinker … hubbys fav pasttime … and all the keys work perfectly fine now, so we should be able to produce our own live rock concert video, any day now. lol.
Got Mr Puddy Cat desexed this week … he has now picked up an unusual habit of sleeping in the bathroom sink … curious indeed.  Also bought a second fish tank – this time heated for the tropical variety.  Unfortunately, two have died already and the others dont look well either, but it looks like weve got the water etc all balanced out now, and hopefully the few remaining will kick back into action.
One day when Im up to it, Ill post photos of all our new toys, and hopefully of the fish.  I should also post a recent pic of Mr Puddy Cat, as he has grown a bit now since the shot in the album.
What else? Ummmm … lets see … I know … I got some of my things back from the storage shed where they have been for over four years now.  Unfortunately I lost almost everything (long story) but luickily after a bit of harrassment, a couple of very important sentimental items showed up as part of my remaining ‘personal possessions’.  That was quite a relief, in particular a silky oak blanket box which my grandfather had handcrafted for my 21st bday.  Im pretty stoked to get that back.  Well, Im looking to shower and settle in for the evening with a movie … so Im outta here. Gnite all.

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