Fun Crap Found On The Net

You can always tell when you are bored while surfing the net … little gems such as these following goodies become an appealing attraction to click on.  If you decide to play with any of these please leave a comment with your results. lol.


Sounds just like me actually ….

Visit The Cyborg Name Decoder
and discover your own Cyborg Name.

  PoizonMyst, you are worth exactly $1,378,990.00 

Woohoo, that sounds shiny!

Discover how much you are worth at Human For Sale.

I am an

What Flower
Are You?

Go-Quiz has a heap of Quizzes, BlogToys & Personality Tests in which the HTML code is generated so that you can easily publish your results on your Live Journal or Webpage.  Here’s a couple I did …

Which internet subculture do I belong to? [CLICK]

You are a Trekkie!

It’s a geek, Jim! You probably have a starfleet uniform and a tricorder. Bonus points if you speak klingon. One day you will walk down the aisle with your buttertroll trekkie partner, humming to the Yoyager theme.

More Quizzes at

Yep, thats about rite!  Hmmm … I’m quite proud of this result.



PoizonMyst has fragile contents which may break!

Apparently this is my warning label.

How to make a PoizonMyst

5 parts intelligence
5 parts courage
1 part instinct

Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of lustfulness and a pinch of salt. Yum!
How Tasty … Mix up your very own batch of ME!
This one is my
Personality cocktail.

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]

You are a Square!

You are a total dork. The pocket protecter and thick-lensed glasses give it away. Try watching some popular TV.. Get yourself some fashion sense already! On the plus side, no wait hang on, there is no plus side! Nerdsville, population YOU!

Cool quizzes at

Talk about stereotyping! lmao.
I thought that being a nerd was fashionable these days.
Obviously I was mistaken … I don’t wear glasses anyway.

Your Icecream Flavour is…Neopolitan!

You aren’t satisfied with just one flavor. They say variety is the spice of life and this shines through in your Ice cream of choice! Just don’t eat all the chocolate and leave the strawberry and vanilla behind!

Sounds just about rite …
but yep, I would leave the Strawberry behind.
What is your Icecream Flavour?
Find out at Go Quiz

Now wasn’t that fun? 

2 Responses to “Fun Crap Found On The Net”
  1. Love, Talia says:

    Actually, when you die, and you\’re body is burnt to ashes, the mineral content in your body is worth around $13 … Classy eh?

  2. Reanimated says:

    lol … actually I thought it was more like $2 … but then it was years ago I heard that, so maybe inflation is good for sumthing in the end. 😛

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