Where’s the Ecstacy for Michele Leslie?

So I supported Shapelle Corby’s plight (and still do) when she pled innocent to possession of 4.1 kilograms of Marijuana while entering Indonesian customs during October 2004.  Her struggle is high profile, but what of Michelle Leslie, the young Australian model busted in possession of 2 ecstacy tablets when she was searched and arrested at the entrance to a rave party on the night of August 21st 2005?
Many opponents to Corby’s innocence would often argue that Shapelle was only getting such wide spread support from the Australian public and media because she is a  "young and pretty woman" – okay then, if that is so true, where is the mass rallies for Michelle Leslie – a young girl who was paid for being pretty?  Some would argue that she has made an effort to keep her story out of the spotlight – but come on … do people truely believe that Shapelle was deliberately parading herself around that open Denpasar prison cell on purpose for extra publicity?  Do people really believe she had any choice of how she would appear on TV or in the Newspapers?  Strangely, though Michelle is supposedly living in the same conditions as Corby, Im yet to see one photo of her without makeup and a few tears rolling desperately down her cheeks – Im yet to see one photo of her behind cell bars.  No, Im not trying to start some wild conspiracy theory that the girl hasnt actually been arrested – Im just trying to draw some parallels between the cases of these two women, so that maybe some of Corby’s opponents can put their stupid argument to rest that Shapelle’s supporters were only looking at her face and not the mounds of evidence in support of her defense.
So putting it in another light, Ms Leslie has appeared just as pretty as ever to the public eye, at first instance she claimed the eckies were not hers, but merely that she was just holding them in her handbag for a friend.  It was only after her blood tests showed a positive result that she claimed they were to support her addiction to Ritilin medication which was prescibed for her ADHD condition.  Possession could see her behind bars for 15 years … addiction could have her out in 3 months.  Okay, fair enough, maybe the girl is trying to go for a better deal in a court system where true "justice" is questionable … however wouldnt you say Corby had a similar option also, but she never gave into it?  Michelle may be attempting to bargain out of 15 years … but Shapelle never bargained to avoid the death penalty – and from the day of her arrest her story has never changed.
Maybe this time its a case of Michelle Leslie is too pretty for the support of jealous Aussie housewives – or maybe its just that the evidence presented tells the story for itself.
2 Responses to “Where’s the Ecstacy for Michele Leslie?”
  1. Kai says:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey I read the first paragraph of this, and I have to say, there is a HUGE difference between two little eccies and 4.1 kilos of pot…

  2. Reanimated says:

    I could have argued the difference between Schapelles case, and that of the Bali Nine – but I particularly wanted to touch on the "beauty" aspect in this article. Until just recently Michelle was facing 15 years for those "two little eckies" – and I dont recall anyone in distress over the severity of that sentence – the same term Corby is now expecting to serve (in which people are still up in arms – why? It has nothing to do with her looks – it\’s because she is not guilty).

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