OMG … A Pair & A Spare!

As I mentioned a few posts back – Im pregnant.  Anyway, Im rather large for dates and doc sent me along to get an ultrasound to check the possibility of twins.
Well they accidently booked me in for a first trimester scan, and the young sonographer looked alittle daunted at the prospect of having to scan for possible twins in 2nd trimester. Of course i was eager for any info he could giv me – but, as is the norm, he said he couldnt tell me anything because he was neither a radiologist or a doctor. Anyway, having had multiple ultrasounds with my three previous pregnancies, I knew what I was looking at … I saw it plain as day and said to him, "Well I can see two in there." to which he replied, "Well yes, you have twins … I can say that because you figured it out for yourself." and then he ran off quickly to get a senoir staff member to perform a 2nd trimester scan. Poor fella … apparently he was still studying … so twins was a bit out of his league.
Well the senior sonographer places the little scanning device thingy on my belly and says, "Thats not twins."
I say, "What are you talking about? Unless its got two heads … I know I saw twins."
She replies, "Well, when I go down here …" she moves the scanning thingy to the bottom of my belly, "There’s one head, yes?"
"Okay …" I say.
"But when I come up here…." she moves the scanning thingy to the top of my belly, "There’s another two heads. Look here … there’s one, two, three sacs. Youve got Triplets."
Im like … then Im like Sure ……
I figured maybe she was just seeing it wrong – maybe from one angle she was seeing one head – but from another angle she was simply seeing both heads together …. but nope, I was simply in denial at this stage. Just so she would be believed (both by me and the doctor) she looked around abit more for a shot with all three babies … and then I saw it, obvious as could be … three perfect little backbones. At this stage Im absolutely fascinated … there were arms and legs everywhere – and because of this, determining gender is really an unrealistic aspiration (though we did try, unsuccessfully, but will try again during subsequent scans). Im thinking how the fuck can they all fit in there … bear in mind that when Im not pregnant I weigh 50 kg and Im 173cm tall … theres NOT MUCH ROOM IN THERE. And Im thinking How the fuck this could have happened (well I know how … but I mean how?!?). At risk of showing my ignorance I thought this sort of thing only happened with IVF … and obviously, with 3 children already, Im not an IVF patient. Neither
SoulElectronique or myself have any multiples in our family lines – Its truely bizarre!
So thats the new news … Im now officially a "HOM" pregnancy … which stands for the very snobby term "Higher Order Multiples" – freaky stuff!!! Explains alot I must say … why Ive been so damn hungry and why, at nearly 5 months I can hardly walk.  Oh dear, so much previous planning has just become obsolete … new thoughts about what this actually entails drift into my mind every minute. I am truely estatic and stunned all at once. OMG 6 children all up – thats crazy!!! Wow Wow Wow!!!
Heres a shot of the triplets from the scans taken two weeks ago – they are 19 weeks here.

2 Responses to “OMG … A Pair & A Spare!”
  1. [madame] [butterfly] says:

    OMG YOU\’RE GOING TO HAVE 6 KIDS!!!!! Wow. But I\’m happy for you, it must be an amazing feeling! Good luck!
    Some random called Tully.

  2. Unknown says:

    well hi! everytim i go on the net you not on. loved reading your msg? how are the girls? miss our late night smokes and coffee! let me know when you come back to brissy

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