I’m Back … With Clones!!

It’s been quite some time since I last made a blog entry – and have I got some news to tell!

My naturally conceived identical triplet girls were delivered by emergency C-Section on January 25th 2006 … at 28 weeks gestation.  I had developed advanced pre-eclampsia, and due to a mix-up in communication between doctors and nurses, the C-Section had to be conducted under general anesthetic.

At first I was really scared … thought I wouldn’t wake up again … but in the end I am rather grateful I was completely out to it. I was shaking so much, by the time I entered surgery, that I just wanted to be put under ASAP.   The operating theatre was packed out – twenty people were required to make this delivery. I could not have a support person with me, so those 20 people were ALL hospital staff.  Just an idea of what was required … there were three anesthetists just for me, and three people attending each baby. My obstrician, and her medical team, were absolutely brilliant. I was very impressed and reassured by their competence, experience, and confidence.

Everyday SoulElectronique and myself value our good fortune … The babies were very healthy from day one and were only on ventilation and C-Pap (helps to keep the lungs slightly inflated) for 3 days. They remained in humidicribs until they reached 1800 grams. The girls were discharged from hospital at 38 weeks gestation, returning home on April 5th with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Birth Details
(Sorry, I can’t provide their names)

Triplet 1:
Birth Weight: 1020 gms / 2lb 4oz
Time of Birth: 10.45pm

Triplet 2:
Birth Weight: 915 gms / 2lb 1/2 oz
Time of Birth: 10.45pm

Triplet 3:
Birth Weight: 870 gms/1lb 15oz
Time of Birth: 10.46pm

Still In Hospital – March 2006 Left to right: Triplet 3, Triplet 2, Triplet 1.

So how have we been handling having three little bubbas at home? It’s nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be.   I count my lucky stars that they were not my first tho … as my previous parenting experience has helped a great deal. So my household has been all about routine, routine, routine … and everything runs quite smoothly. They started sleeping thru almost every night, about three weeks ago, and we just make sure we go to bed straight after their last night time feed.    Sure, they have their restless moments, but they are generally really good lil girls. I’m so happy to be home with my family again (after 3 1/2 months away) and absolutely estatic about our three new additions.

The Divas – May 19th 2006 Left to right: Triplet 1, Triplet 2, Triplet 3.

Three Little Angels – May 19th 2006. Left to right: Triplet 1, Triplet 2, Triplet 3.

Uber Bubbas. Left to right: Triplet 1, Triplet 2, Triplet 3.

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