Happy 13th Birthday

Twas my step-daughter’s 13th birthday yesterday and I spent 6 hours in the kitchen baking cakes and lamingtons for the party.   Finally a teenager, it is great to have a visit from her to celebrate the occasion.  We bought her a prepaid mobile phone with a camera and internet capabilities.

Well I stuffed myself with birthday cake and lollies, but couldn’t eat a lamington – I’ve only had a massive craving for lamingtons for 6 months now.  So I go to the kitchen 10 minutes ago, thinking "Yummy, time to have a lamington" … and they were ALL GONE!!  My baby boy had scoffed ’em all!  Apparently he’s only been taking a few bites outta each one and then dumping the rest!  I’m not a very happy camper right now.

Now to satisfy my craving, I’ll have to wait until shopping day on Wednesday so that I can buy some more Icing Mixture to make some more.  I can tell you I’ll be having the first one.

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