Pacific Sky Cruises Revealed – A History of Concealing Violent Crime

Is a person’s life worth the reputation of a company or the loss of your job?

The answer should be simple, but in the case of 42 year old Dianne Brimble, it seems this was not the case. Mrs Brimble, mother of three, was the victim of a violent sexual assault which resulted in her death aboard the P&O luxury cruise liner Pacific Sky on September 24th 2002.

In an interview with former security staff of Pacific Sky, The Sydney Morning Herald reported a disturbing history of cover-ups aboard the passenger liner. The two former security officers revealed several violent crime scenes had been stripped clean, and remained unreported to authorities, in an effort to maintain passenger perception of the holidays as free from the troubles, worries, and cares of everyday life.  On a number of occasions, protests by security staff were disregarded, and the responsibilities of their position were admonished.

This mentality, they believe, was the influencing factor in the decision to allow four alleged perpetrators of Mrs Brimble’s death to leave their cabin, in turn, removing important evidence relating to the incident. The coroner’s inquest suggests confirmation of these allegations.

Is life worth so little, that a pay packet can overcome the obligations of respect for another human being who has been so severely demoralised? Has general society become so horrifyingly self-absorbed? There is absolutely no excuse for delaying the responsibility of reporting such crimes … and there should be no honour perceived in revealing such evidence, only after such an act is uncovered to the public.

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