Australian Big Brother 6: Inappropriate Behavior Sees Housemates Expelled

Two housemates were unceremoniously evicted from the Australian Big Brother house on Saturday afternoon amid claims of inappropriate sexual activity.

John (Michael Bric, 21, of Melbourne, Vic) and Ashley (Michael Cox, 20, of Perth, WA) were removed from the Big Brother compound at Dreamworld, on the Queensland Gold Coast, by security guards early Saturday evening.  The no-vote eviction followed an undisclosed incident in which a short statement on the official Big Brother website referred to the issue as a “serious matter”.

The producers of the high-ratings reality television show, now in its sixth season, provided no official reason for the removal of the housemates, stating they “will not be commenting any further”.  The official website forums have been closed in light of events which were described to other housemates as “seriously breaching the BB rules”, when they were informed of the pair’s expulsion at 8:10 pm on Saturday, July 1, 2006.

Big Brother’s attempt to censor the incident has not stopped early morning viewers of the live online streaming video content from revealing on unofficial Big Brother fan-sites the possible reason for the untimely eviction of the two young men from the house.

It is claimed that on Saturday morning at 4:30 am, Ashley and John were seen to get into bed with 22-year-old female contestant Camilla Halliwell of Victoria.  John allegedly held her down while Ashley proceeded to rub his penis in her face, in what has become known as a “turkey slap” after similar actions performed by housemates during previous series.  Many viewers took screenshots which are now circulating on the Internet, and state Camilla was heard to say, “That’s not cool” as the two performed their lewd act.

The resulting uproar has even rated a mention in Parliament, with calls to have the show cancelled by Federal MP Trish Draper.  Australian Media & Communications Minister Helen Coonan has declared the government would take no immediate action against Network Ten or show producers, while her spokeswoman was quoted in an interview with the Sunday Times, “As for Big Brother, it will still be subject to the existing content restrictions.”

Controversy surrounding the explicit content of the Big Brother adults only “Uncut” show has landed the Big Brother enterprise in hot water on several occasions in the past.  Though the John/Ashley/Camilla incident was not aired on public television, last year’s Uncut program broadcast contestant Michael giving a massage to fellow housemate Gianna while rubbing his genitals on her. The episode caused sufficient public commotion that the lurid content of the show was toned down for the remainder of the series.  However, this year, the Uncut show has again become an issue for parliament, when the show’s producers admitted upward of 75,000 minors tune in to the MA15+ rated program each week.  The remaining weekly episodes of Uncut 2006 were axed after extensive political pressure, following the last installment on June 19.

Rumors are currently circulating that Ashley has been returned to “lockdown” with plans to have housemates vote on his return to the compound during a special to be aired on Tuesday night, July 4.  Implementing the “strike” system has seen this incident bring John’s tally to three strikes, while this would be Ashley’s second strike.  An attempt by Big Brother to reinstate Ashley as a housemate seems highly unlikely in light of the extensive media coverage surrounding this event, and the seriousness of allegations against him.

In recent developments it is reported that police have finally been supplied video footage to review the incident, as Senator Coonan expressed concern over the potential nature of the footage saying, “I think it is appropriate if we take urgent action and have a look at it.”

Edit 6th July:  Thanking wackywheelz for providing a direct download link to the video of this incident so that readers can judge for themselves.

Images courtesy Big Brother, Southern Star Endemol, and Channel 10.

One Response to “Australian Big Brother 6: Inappropriate Behavior Sees Housemates Expelled”
  1. Adrian says:

    hey, wow, thanks for thanking me 🙂
    Pity this years (2007) BB sucks… Not even me, a seasoned BB fan could sit back and watch it this year, there are no "normal" people (I mean people that havent been on TV already, or in lad\’s magazines etc)

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