BOINC – Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

BOINC is an open-source software platform for distributed computing which uses volunteer computer resources around the world for computationally-intensive tasks in scientific research. It was originally developed for the SETI@home project and is now used by many different grid computing network projects. The BOINC Manager allows participants to connect easily with several independent projects and decide how their computer resources are divided between each. When a project is offline or has no available work-units, BOINC distributes participant computer resources among other chosen projects.
My deviantART community of Scifi-Fans has a team at the SETI@home, Einstein@home, LHC@home, and QMC@home projects. Once you have an account at any of these projects, please feel welcome to join our team and have your credits counted toward our community total.  You must join each team seperately and you can only be a member of one team for each project – we would love it if you could join the ‘Scifi Fanatics’ team when you participate in any, or all, of these projects.

 Click on the logos below to join the Scifi Fanatics team
at your chosen projects


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