Triple Bed Bunk

With seven kids in the house, it was time to reorganise the living arrangements.  So SoulElectronique and myself decided a triple bed bunk would be the perfect solution to fit our three eldest girls into one room.  You can buy them …. not out here in the sticks, but they do exist …. at a major price.  So it was decided – we would embark on our first woodworking project.  I think we did pretty well, if I do say so myself.
We began this project on 8th August 2006, completing the building and sanding on 16th August 2006. Stain and varnish completed on September 7th 2006.

First we measured the height of our eldest sitting down, so we could work out how much space she would need from the ceiling …. and went from there …. a bit of a fly-by-the-pants project. The bunks are 210cm high and made of pine. The ends and bed bases are bolted together so they can be pulled apart for moving. Dark Maple stain and varnish.






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