Christmas is here!

Its been ages since Ive left a post … spose I should drop by more often, but it’s been a busy year, what with seven kids and lots of projects to undertake.  So it’s that time again and all the lil kiddies are excited.  Pointing at big pressies on top of the cupboard, "oOo thats a big present Mummy" …. "Yes it is, and it’s not yours." says I lol.  How mean am I? hehehe.  Anyway here’s some pre-christmas pics …

Miss 7 at the community Christmas Party – December 14th 06

Local Santa at the Community Christmas Party – Dec 14th 06

This Year’s Christmas Tree – Dec 22nd 06

Wasnt that exciting?  I think so, I love Christmas … I mean who doesnt?  Even though I dont get all the pressies I want anymore … i love watching the kids open theirs and get everything their hearts desire.  Ahhhh the spirit of giving.  Can’t put any pressies unda the tree yet cause they wouldnt survive til Christmas day.  Hopefully I can take some more pics on Christmas Eve when its all laden with gifts.

So as I said, Ive been undertaking many projects this year.  I completed my first semester in a Certificate IV Information Technology (Website Design), so my next project is to spiffy up the Reanimated Residue website before classes start again.  My kids have been bugging me for a homepage on the web too, so that is also to come.  I’ve also got to add some links to other communities we run or are involved in, as well as some stuff for our new internet radio station, Radio Residue (thats a "listen" link btw).

We’ve been involved in a community of radio stations for a few months now over at – a pretty cool concept of numerous radio stations and listeners interacting via forums while on air.  We’ve also been trying to get some video happening through the same station, and recently unleashed "The Videodrome" … a b-grade movie TV show.  First night was riddled with issues but things will certainly improve as we smooth things out.  Currently we support 1500/256 and up connections for the video nights.  So head on over to and get involved.  Radio Residue’s dedicated forums at the site can be found here – that’s where you can find out all about our station, chat with the DJs and other listeners, and find out when our shows are scheduled to be on.  Hope to see you there!

So it’s almost to time finish up here … I’ll leave you with one last photo.  The triplets will be 11 months old at the end of this year, so I thought I’d show an update picture.  They’re crawling around now, and babbling baby words, laughing, and exploring.  They are such good lil girls – hardly ever crying and always sleeping through the night.  So here it is, taken Dec 14th, three lil faces all the same … Havent they grown?!?

The Triplets – Dec 14th 06

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