Catching Up

A whole year goes by and I’ve hardly touched my space … well it’s time to revamp and catch up! Some of the new features are pretty cool, like improved image embedding for articles, the guestbook, and also the ability to customise the theme. Certainly some features are still lacking – such as spellcheck and HTML buttons similar to the old MSN groups – which could be useful tools for speeding up article publishing with nicer layouts.

Moving on with this update, let’s begin with some of the happenings in my life over the past year which have kept me from keeping up-to-date with my online blog duties. Firstly, it’s been a busy year moving our family of ten to a larger house and adjusting to a new town.

I completed my Certificate IV in Information Technology (Website Design) and Reanimated Residue Multimedia Studios has been busy with various web development projects since.  Our website has undergone a massive transformation also – though far from complete, I’m quite happy with it now – however things have progressed so rapidily for us that it’s already in need of another overhaul so you might notice a number of changes occuring over the next couple of months. 
We’ve had another Christmas go by already, so here’s a couple of pics from Christmas 2007. The first is a natural Aussie Christmas Door Wreath.  The kids collected the native fauna from the park, including gum leaves and nuts, which I then assembled into a welcoming decoration more suited to the aussie festive season.  The second pic is our traditional Xmas Eve photo of the completed tree.  You can see our new aquarium in this photo – a hobby of my husband’s – but more about that later.  And taken at about 5:30am on Christmas Morning, is the third photo of myself, sporting new sunnies and a Virgo coffee mug.   

Aussie Christmas Door Wreath
December 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

PoizonMyst – Christmas Day 2007

As always, Nanna and Pop sent gifts including these beautiful hand-crafted soft toys for the triplets. I thought they were really special and that I should share them with you.

The tag attached reads:

Barbara Sansoni designs

"Our products are about creation & design. They are about the inspiration and influence at work behind our intense passion for colour and textiles", Barbara Sansoni, founder of Barefoot Sri lanka.

In 1958, Barbara Sansoni, a colourist & artist, created the Barefoot concept out of a need for a rehabilition program for young Sri lankan woman who had limited schooling and skills.  Today Barefoot is a premier textile design company exporting exquisite hand woven fabrics, toys, linen, and clothing worldwide.

Barefoot Artisans are dedicaed weavers and needlewomen who, without time constraints of mass production, are able to produce premium quality workmanship.  Barefoot Sri lanka apposes exploitive practices.  Each artisan earns a real wage enabling them to support their families with self-respect and dignity.

100% hand woven fabric – 100% hand made – 100% natural fibres
Swiss dyes used are non-toxic & colourfast.

It’s always good to highlight a worthy cause and the everyday people who are implementing inspirational working solutions.  These toys are top quality products and I have no doubt they will last until the girls want to pass them on to their own children. So if you are looking for a unique gift for that special occasion, give Barefoot a look. You can also visit Barefoot Australia.

In August last year Reanimated Residue Multimedia Studios invested in some environmentally friendly personal transportation vehicles in the form of three Dyno electric bicycles. They have saved us so much money in taxi fares and have completed some 2000km each already.  These bikes have changed our life. Here’s a couple of pics. Read a complete review and Q&A on our website.

DYNO CX 24V 200 Electric Bicycle

PoizonMyst – Proud owner
October 2007

I mentioned earlier my husband’s hobby so heres a couple of pics from our aquarium.  These pics are a bit old – again around Oct/Nov 2007 – so the fish have grown somewhat since and need a new tank already.   I tell you it’s a scarey thing to feed these critters, let alone putting your whole arm in the tank to rearrange the neighbourhood ornaments.  I’ve always enjoyed watching the community interaction of fish.  I can sit for hours captivated by their little domestic disputes and mating rituals. Hmmm … I think I mite have been watching too many David Attenborough documentaries lately.

Anyway, when I get a new camera I’ll be able to share some newer photos, but for now let me introduce you to our tank of territorial predators.

Electric Blue Cichlid

Green Terror & Convicts

Well that’s a pretty good start for an update … but I’ve got plenty of new stuff to write about so I’ll be back a few more times over the coming weeks. I hope all the mum’s out there had a fabulous day yesterday for Mother’s Day 2008!  Anyway, until next time, Cheers!

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