Horns of the Apocalypse – Strange Sounds Around the World

Fascinating video. At first I thought “OMG its 40 mins long!” but once I started watching, I was hooked. Awesome compilation.The sounds are very creepy and surprisingly loud. Kinda reminds me of a pipe organ.  I noticed in nearly every video, when the sound would start, the video or people standing around would instinctively look to the sky.

I was very interested in the growing Earth theory …. as a theory of its own, regardless of the Earth sounds. It makes a lot of sense. Even small children recognise the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle … on a smaller sphere, there is no doubt.

The space quakes were intriguing too … tho I would think if this were the source of the sounds, then we would have been hearing them for eons. This is my main beef with many of the theories proposed for these sounds. For example, officially they say earthquakes, but we’ve not had these sounds before. Another official explanation is sounds of solar flares, or solar wind, rushing along the magnetic field lines …. again, such activity is not new.


It was interesting to learn the Earth’s crust is 70% quartz crystal. The singing bowl demonstration and related chakra explanations were provocative. I liked it.

The Tibetan monks were rockin’! 🙂 I wonder if this tradition began centuries ago in response to hearing such sounds in the distant past.

I think it sounds like wind rushing thru underground caverns and tunnels (natural, tho manmade DUMBs are just as likely). If it were natural formations causing these sounds, then something has caused these regions to open to ground level so the noise can escape (or again, we would have heard them before) … otherwise, it could be fracking?? Perhaps we are creating tunnels and openings by removing material from within the Earth. Or where there was already a tunnel/cave system, they’ve recently become exposed (ie. water or lava has drained from cave systems). If it’s DUMBs, I got a couple of theories too …. either they really did have a civil war of sorts, letting off nukes to fuck with the elitists plans, which has left these DUMBs exposed to open air, and wind rushing thru the tunnels; or the doors are simply being left open because noone knows the exact time they will need to retreat to them, but they know the time is coming, and are making sure they are ready to receive their “guests” at a split second of notice.

Trumpets and horns of the Apocalypse! 😉

Here’s wiki on The Hum, and for once its not followed by the words “Conspiracy Theory”.

2 Responses to “Horns of the Apocalypse – Strange Sounds Around the World”
  1. Herman P. Mc Titties says:

    move far away from these areas that the sounds were heard. they will be underwater

  2. What IS this strange sound from the sky? Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE – but nobody has an explanation (17 May 2015)

    Still happening and still no explanations. Wikipedia tells us these sounds have been investigated since 1973, so it’s been more than a decade that people have been hearing The Hum.

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