Palestine and the Zionist Problem

This article contains graphic images and text which some readers may find disturbing or offensive.

Gaza is bombarded by missiles from Israel

“Open spaces on rooftops and beaches can quickly turn deadly. Children have had to develop survival skills that no child should need. They are witnessing things they will never forget: missiles and artillery attacks, the destruction of their homes and neighbourhoods, the dead bodies of brothers, sisters, parents and friends.

“No child – whether Palestinian or Israeli – should have to live this way.” – Mohammed El Halabi. (31 July 2014)

The Day Seven of My Family Died in Gaza

Gaza_War-childI saw photos of children and babies last night. I cried and cried. I’m crying now. I had to stop following the posts of two Facebook friends (one I had known a number of years) because I could not scroll my timeline – but I respect their right to post the images. My mind is burned. How do the people in these war zones cope with the mental trauma, let alone the physical?

I’ve seen photos of dead children from the war zones before, but these were overwhelmingly different.

vietnamRemember that old photo of the young girl, burnt from napalm, running down the street? It was really the first time the public were exposed to the true horror of the Vietnam war, and helped sparked that final push to withdraw troops. Let me be frank. That poor unfortunate girl was whole. She was in one piece. The babies and children I saw last night were literally cracked open.

This is not simply “excessive force”. This is overwhelmingly excessive force. And it’s completely indiscriminate. It is not like we are talking about armed troops storming the homes of innocent families in frightening raids, selectively searching out “suspected terrorists” (though they do that too).

Apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, refugee camps, whole towns and villages …. totally obliterated.

‘The world stands disgraced’ – Israeli shelling of school kills at least 15

Make no mistake. Israel knows exactly who is in the locations they are targeting. Hamas is not using children as shields. This script is typical of the dehumanising propaganda used by all invaders. Israel were told 17 times, by none other than the UN itself, that there were only children at that refugee school which they deliberately targeted on Wednesday.

Israel shelled UN school, killing 20 Palestinians fleeing violence, relief agency says

UNRWA Christopher Gunness breaks down in tears on live TV after attack on UN school in Gaza

Let’s stop playing semantics. These are Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) as much as any other.  We are talking about one of the world’s largest, most sophisticated militaries in the world, against a tiny patch of militia and civilians.

Palestine has no armyThere were approximately 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza before the current siege of Gaza and 750+ have been slaughtered in the last few days. A Palestinian child has died every hour, and with the death of the children goes the future of the Palestinian people. The children who survive are traumatized with PTSD. A six year old child will have already experienced three wars in his or her lifetime. Unlike other people who flee war, Gazans are trapped. They have nowhere to go. And Palestinians in the West Bank, if they are able to leave, have no right of return. – Dennis Kucinich (25 July 2014)

If today’s public were ever widely exposed to what these ballistic weapons do to a human, well …. I just don’t know. Perhaps they would have a deeper understanding of the psychological nature of those leading us. But I hope, against all odds, that exposure of these war crimes and those responsible, is the key.

The average person does not want to do these things. They don’t want to support mass torture and murder. Only psychopaths would want to wield such weapons, let alone turn them against children. Only psychopaths would want to convince you that it’s an okay thing to do as long as your ’cause’ is just.

Israeli Newspaper – When Genocide is Permissible

CharacteristicsOfPsychopathsCharismatic and manipulative, but devoid of empathy, psychopaths are willing to do anything – lie, cheat, steal, even murder – in their quest for power, money, and/or notoriety. And they will do it with a smile.

Personally, I think they do it for the psychopathic thrill they get from seeing others suffer. These are the psychological personality traits of those who seek positions of authority and leadership over and above other people. Anyone seeking it for the “right reasons” are, all too often, quickly crushed by the manipulations and deceit of the psychopath.

Sartre ~ Psychopaths, Sociopaths And Establishment Idiots

Stand up for Gaza

Israel-Palestine: Is This A Debate? Russell Brand The Trews (E111)

Hannity Responds

Israel/Palestine, Russell Brand/Sean Hannity: Round 2 (The Trews E114)

★★ Some Historical Resources ★★

NY Times (NYT) – Zionists plan to colonize Palestine in 1899

Wikipedia – Balflour Declaration of 1917

NYT Article Archive – Palestine and the Zionist Problem (25 July 1920)
(Full PDF of the article is available for download)

NYT – 1933 Jews declare war

Hitler speech about Palestine

NYT – 6 million Jews liberated from work factories. (20 May 1945)

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