Larrikin cashing in on Kookaburra from Down Under?

Sunday Herald SunMen at Work sued over Down UnderWritten by Nui Te Koha and Sue Hewitt October 12, 2008 12:00am TWO of Australia’s most loved anthems are locked in a courtroom showdown. Publishing company Larrikin Music claims Men At Work’s global hit Down Under rips off the popular children’s song, Kookaburra. "This is a battle … Continue reading

Australian Big Brother 2006: The Winner Revealed

After 100 days in the Australian Big Brother house at Dreamworld, the winner has finally been selected. The weekend was both nerve-racking and eventful for the remaining four housemates – Camilla Halliwell, David Graham, Jamie Brooksby, and James "Max" Panabianco – enjoying a lavish lunch date with Big Brother, a secret visit from their loved-ones, … Continue reading

Australian Big Brother 6: Inappropriate Behavior Sees Housemates Expelled

Two housemates were unceremoniously evicted from the Australian Big Brother house on Saturday afternoon amid claims of inappropriate sexual activity. John (Michael Bric, 21, of Melbourne, Vic) and Ashley (Michael Cox, 20, of Perth, WA) were removed from the Big Brother compound at Dreamworld, on the Queensland Gold Coast, by security guards early Saturday evening.  … Continue reading

Fun Crap Found On The Net

You can always tell when you are bored while surfing the net … little gems such as these following goodies become an appealing attraction to click on.  If you decide to play with any of these please leave a comment with your results. lol.   Sounds just like me actually …. Visit The Cyborg Name Decoderand discover your … Continue reading

Movie Reviews

Having been compelled to borrow Spanglish after viewing the trailer, I was expecting a light feel-good comedy, but this movie was way more than that. The themes were compelling, heartfelt, and sometimes even dissolute. The producers havent danced around morality with this one, and that makes for a refreshing change – presenting an accurate portrayal … Continue reading

Movie Reviews

I havent chosen a fav this week – these movies are all great in their own right for totally different reasons – too hard to choose a fav. In the tradition of classic golden oldie superhero movies of the 1940s, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, is a superb sci-fi epic. One courageous hero … Continue reading

Movie Reviews

I’m not a religious person per se, but I am interested in the history and philosophy of different religions. I also dont mind the odd movie based on the subject and movies about the end of the world, which is why I chose The Second Coming. This was originally a two part TV mini-series and … Continue reading

Big Brother Uncut Vs Football

I havent made an entry for a while, so Im doing a massive update of all my online journals today.First off, I will say that Ive finished my Certficate IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor course, and am now awaiting the results.  If I do say so myself, Im sure I kicked arse yet again, as … Continue reading

Movie Reviews

Its been a while, so Ive got quite a list to update. Im not going to pick a fav this time, so you’ll just have to judge my likes and dislikes from what I say about each flick. So its on with the movie reviews. The One was fun and an interesting theory.   I … Continue reading

Movie Reviews

This week I was on a real winner … so much so that I cant pick a fav … they were all so good for different reasons. First up, Ill go wif National Treasure. Not a mind straining experience, but that can be a good thing sometimes … just to be lightly entertained. Sure, we’ve … Continue reading