Nosey Neighbours

This is probably going to be the most boring post ever made on my blog and of little interest to many, but it seems our neighbours want us naked in front of the whole world so here we are.  This is a public declaration of the inside of our house as of Sunday November 2nd 2008 … Continue reading

Catching Up

A whole year goes by and I’ve hardly touched my space … well it’s time to revamp and catch up! Some of the new features are pretty cool, like improved image embedding for articles, the guestbook, and also the ability to customise the theme. Certainly some features are still lacking – such as spellcheck and HTML buttons similar … Continue reading

Twas the night before Christmas

Well Okay … so it’s actually Christmas morning now.  I’ve just finished wrapping all the pressies and stacking them around the tree for the kids to wake up to in the morning.  Here is what it looks like now. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is here!

Its been ages since Ive left a post … spose I should drop by more often, but it’s been a busy year, what with seven kids and lots of projects to undertake.  So it’s that time again and all the lil kiddies are excited.  Pointing at big pressies on top of the cupboard, "oOo thats … Continue reading

Triple Bed Bunk

With seven kids in the house, it was time to reorganise the living arrangements.  So SoulElectronique and myself decided a triple bed bunk would be the perfect solution to fit our three eldest girls into one room.  You can buy them …. not out here in the sticks, but they do exist …. at a … Continue reading

Happy 13th Birthday

Twas my step-daughter’s 13th birthday yesterday and I spent 6 hours in the kitchen baking cakes and lamingtons for the party.   Finally a teenager, it is great to have a visit from her to celebrate the occasion.  We bought her a prepaid mobile phone with a camera and internet capabilities. Well I stuffed myself with … Continue reading

I’m Back … With Clones!!

It’s been quite some time since I last made a blog entry – and have I got some news to tell! My naturally conceived identical triplet girls were delivered by emergency C-Section on January 25th 2006 … at 28 weeks gestation.  I had developed advanced pre-eclampsia, and due to a mix-up in communication between doctors … Continue reading

OMG … A Pair & A Spare!

As I mentioned a few posts back – Im pregnant.  Anyway, Im rather large for dates and doc sent me along to get an ultrasound to check the possibility of twins. Well they accidently booked me in for a first trimester scan, and the young sonographer looked alittle daunted at the prospect of having to … Continue reading


Oh My … Ive been neglecting my space alittle lately … even missed my birthday.  Well, it was relaxing.  I got lotsa prezzies, breakfast in bed, and chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries. mmmm. Alas Ive not been well and I finally did make it to the doctor to find out wot it was that has … Continue reading

Long Time No Entry

Oh my, it has been quite a while since I left a entry on my blog here.  Ive been rather sick and not really feeling all that eager to sit at the keyboard, thinkning and typing.  Much has happened but I dont think Im going to write it all tonight.  Anyway, Ill get started on … Continue reading