Larrikin cashing in on Kookaburra from Down Under?

Sunday Herald SunMen at Work sued over Down UnderWritten by Nui Te Koha and Sue Hewitt October 12, 2008 12:00am TWO of Australia’s most loved anthems are locked in a courtroom showdown. Publishing company Larrikin Music claims Men At Work’s global hit Down Under rips off the popular children’s song, Kookaburra. "This is a battle … Continue reading

Catching Up

A whole year goes by and I’ve hardly touched my space … well it’s time to revamp and catch up! Some of the new features are pretty cool, like improved image embedding for articles, the guestbook, and also the ability to customise the theme. Certainly some features are still lacking – such as spellcheck and HTML buttons similar … Continue reading

Triplet Breakfast Milkshake

Into a measuring jug combine:   3 Weetbix2 Bananas250 grams Strawberry Yogurt100 mls Heinz Multigrain MixFill to 900 mls with Milk and blend with an electric hand mixer.   Poor into Dinky cups and serve.

Bin Laden Arrested at Apec?

Would APEC security notice if Osama Bin Laden arrived at APEC in the Canadian diplomatic convoy? Apparently not. Okay, so it wasn’t exactly Osama Bin Laden, but rather a popular Australian media personality dressed as the world’s most wanted man, who managed to infiltrate the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) security red-zone before being arrested 10 … Continue reading

Twas the night before Christmas

Well Okay … so it’s actually Christmas morning now.  I’ve just finished wrapping all the pressies and stacking them around the tree for the kids to wake up to in the morning.  Here is what it looks like now. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is here!

Its been ages since Ive left a post … spose I should drop by more often, but it’s been a busy year, what with seven kids and lots of projects to undertake.  So it’s that time again and all the lil kiddies are excited.  Pointing at big pressies on top of the cupboard, "oOo thats … Continue reading

DVD Review: Classic Albums – U2 – The Joshua Tree

At first impression, this Eagle Vision release from the Classic Albums series could be perceived as a “making of” documentary.  The band and producers unveil old studio recordings of the most poignant tracks from The Joshua Tree, sharing musical snippets that did not make it to the final cut, and anecdotes of how those songs … Continue reading

DVD Review: Queen Under Review 1980-1991

I am not certain that a hardcore Queen fanatic would garner much from this, the next instalment in the Chrome Dreams Media “Queen Under Review” series, a critical analysis of the band from 1980 until the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991.  Other than the satisfaction the brilliant genius from Queen during this period is … Continue reading

United States Bans Vegemite

Well this IS a curious issue … and I’m not a happy little Vegemite! America has decided to make its opinions quite clear about Australia’s favourite black breakfast spread, by banning it’s importation into the United States. Now I understand Vegemite is an acquired taste, but we Aussies can’t resist the tasty yeasty properties of … Continue reading

Our Orbital Space Junkyard

Orbital debris, more commonly known as ‘space junk’, is an unavoidable byproduct of human space exploration.  Not only do we rubbish our Earthly environment with all sorts of crap, but since the dawn of orbital spaceflight in the 1950’s, humans have been littering the skies above as well. On September 14th this year, astronauts of … Continue reading